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September Newsletter....... 
I am slow, but I do get things done, and hope to get better at this.. 

Meeting was called to order, only 2 officers present, the president and the secretary. 

The minutes were not available for reading. 
The treasurers report was given by Les Armstrong, Pat’s husband. Report was accepted as read and put on file. 

Old business 
Jim Hinesley posted all of the corners of the claims, and the cows knocked them all down. 
Carl Anderson is donating some heavier T-posts so that the corners can be remarked. 
No news on finding a trailer yet, to store the equipment in.  Will be tabled until we can get more information, about the cost of a new one. 
The outing committee for the outing in June of 2003 
Ross and Carol Powers 
Jackie and Jim Schmidt 
Keith and Rosemary Blair 
Keith Collins 
and the Cajun Cook, John Mierzwik 

There were 6 claims that the club had been working on with the old officers.  It was brought to our attention that they were never done, so we are working on getting them refiled. 

CWC was going to try and offer a class on beginning prospecting, it was canceled.  Randy has been in contact with them to offer help from the club members.  More information will be coming at the next meeting.  The club voted and everyone was interested in trying to help get more people interested in what is going on. 

There was talk of wanting to set up at least 2 meetings with Dan Hausel coming to talk to the club, possibly at a one day outing where he could show us stuff. 

The meeting was adjourned and the next meeting will be November 9th, at 3:00 at the Big Noi 
in Lander. 

any info anyone wants added, please email me. 


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