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Membership Application



First Name:  _______________________________          Last Name: ___________________________________

Spouse’s Name: ________________________________      E-mail:   ___________________________________

Street Address: __________________________________________________  P. O. Box: __________________

City: __________________________________________     State:  _____________________________________

Zip:  _______________________     Phone - home and/or cell: _________________________________________

Resident family $50.00 per year (domiciled exclusively in Wyoming for one full year).

Non-Resident family $150.00 first year $50.00 per year thereafter.

All active military applicants will be considered as residents.


I acknowledge that prospecting and prospecting locations can be dangerous, with numerous natural and artificial hazards. I hereby agree to hold the Wyoming Prospector’s Association (WPA), its officers and members free and clear of any group or personal injury that I or my family or guests may incur while attending WPA functions or while on any property leased, owned, or under control of the WPA. I also agree to abide by the Constitution, by-laws, code of ethics, and regulations of the WPA.


Signature:  __________________________________________________   Date:  _____________________


Spouse’s Signature:  __________________________________________    Date:  ______________________

CODE OF ETHICS -  Any violation reflects on all of us.

1.  Know and obey all government and club laws, rules and regulations pertaining to mining.

2. The Wyoming Prospector’s Association is a non-profit volunteer organization and we count on the general membership for

    volunteers to work on committees and assist in club projects.

3. The Wyoming Prospector’s Association is a family-oriented club and public drunkenness, profanity, or other obnoxious

    behavior  is prohibited while prospecting and at all club functions.

4. Members will observe all Forest Service, B.L.M., US Corps of Engineers, state, and private regulations and all property rules

    concerning fires, tree cutting, littering, prospecting, and mining.

5. Always obtain permits in advance of prospecting on Public Lands where they may be required.

6. All of our officers, committee chairmen, and committee members are volunteers. These people do their best to perform their tasks

    in an efficient manner. Any club member who disrespects or harasses any club officer, member, or guest may have his/her     membership revoked.

7. Be courteous to all club members. No member shall threaten any other member in any way. Any grievances will be made in

    writing and  sent to the president. 

8.  All photographs or videos submitted to WPA for club use and for display on WPA web site or other WPA displays become property of WPA upon submission.


Wyoming Prospector’s Assoc., P. O. Box 1269, Riverton, WY 82501   EMAIL:  wpasecretary1849@gmail.com


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