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NOVEMBER 13, 2004

Vice President Kimberlee Raymond called the meeting of the WPA to order at 3:20 p.m., at Mitch's Cafe in Farson, WY.  There were 19 club members in attendance.  Kimberlee Raymond read the minutes of the last meeting.  There were no corrections required from the previous meeting.  Minutes were then approved as read.

As of this time the decision has not been made to the reopening of the 4 claims belonging to Jim Hinesley.  They will be dsicussed at a later date as they are not accessable at this time due to the weather conditions.

Deb Palmer read the Treasurers report. The report was then approved as read and seconded. 

There was no new information from the claims committee.   Kimberlee read pricing for the first aid kit and the fire extinguisher.  The club voted that the pricing be approved through a meeting of the board members.

NEW BUSINESS:  After a discussion with Randy Hutchison,  it was discussed that Jim Rutter has a 20 acres claim on Yankee Gulch for sale.  He offered this claim to the club as a raffle item, anything over his asking price belonged to the club.  As this is a great claim with gold already being found, the discussion was brought up to the members that maybe the club should purchase this claim for our club projects.  the vote went out to purchase the claim and Jackie Schmidt made the motion to buy and it was seconded by Aaron Raymond.  Yankee Gulch claim will be purchased by the club for the sum of $800.00. 

Some other ideas were brought up as to fund raiser issues that will also be discussed at a board member meeting. 
Also brought before the club was hiring a club secretary to do the minutes and other issues.  This was also voted to be left to a discussion of board members.

Jim Hinesley said he would take care of some correspondance from a gentleman in Ohio wanting to come to Wyoming to do some gold panning.
All membership issues were stated as going well from Paula Jones. 

Carl Anderson brought 1.88 ounces of gold nuggets that the club voted and purchased from Zane, with the agreement that the club would purchase an additional ounce of smaller gold in the future.  He also pointed out that the board members needed to discuss getting exploration permits ready for the summer.  We will need to file a Letter of Intent with the BLM, as to what our  intentions are as we will have the use of exploration equipment available to club at no charge.  This will be brought up at a future board meeting.

Next meeting will be held on January 8, 2005 at 1:00 P.M., at the home of Randy Hutchison, 200 Ramshorn Dr, Riverton. We ask that you bring a snack/side dish.  There is still plenty of soda left from the summer to be drank so please don't bring any. 

 Since there was no more discussion, the meeting was adjourned and a raffle was held.  Congratulations to all who who prizes, and a thank you to all the members who traveled to attend the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kimberlee Raymond
Vice President


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