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Meeting held May 10, 2003 at the Dredge in Atlantic City

State Representative was a special guest who talked about Jack Morrow Hills and Guideline 19. He said we all need to call or write or e-mail our State Representatives from each district and let them know how you feel about what is going on with the Guideline 19 and Jack Morrow Hills. He gave an example of a letter that would probably be read and responded to. It went like:
Dear (Name of your Representative), my name is  (Your Name). I'm not happy with what the DEQ is doing with Guideline 19 and the BLM is doing with the Jack Morrow Hills. I feel tourism will be down and it will hurt our economy. 
State Rep. Dave Miller has written a letter in regards to these items and has sent copies to all districts Reps. so if they have read them they should have some idea of what you are talking about. He has got several responses from his letters. Each member needs to call their Rep so we can prospect and enjoy our land or will loose it to the environmentalists. 
The minutes were passed around from last months meeting for members to read, as the secretary was not in attendance. The treasure report was given by Randy because Pat was not in attendance due to a death in the family. 
Randy read a letter from Steven Andrews from Wisconsin who was upset about guideline 19. He was in land management for 27 years and said he didn't understand the wording, its intent, and why it was even written. Also a letter was written to Jim Hinesley and wanted to know more about WPA. 
Jim also read a letter from Doug Springfield who has an online prospecting store in Greely CO the URL is http://www.prospectorstore.com. This letter stated that he would give us some great prices and would be able to deliver items to the Lander, Riverton area about every 2 weeks as for he visits the area regularly to see his wife's parents, who just happens to be (Cale Case) a Wyoming State Senator. He stated that he would be talking to him about this Guideline 19 also. 
Jim Hinesley also read a letter from Jerry Sherwin, a new member that signed up at the Casper Outdoor Show, It stated that there was an error in the claims records of BLM on the 2 claims filed in January. Jim stated that he hadn't caught the error and greatly appreciated Jerry bringing this to his attention. Jim also stated that he had contacted the BLM and that the record has been corrected. 
Keith Blair mentioned that WPA members need to have a letter of permission to prospect on claims. This would be just for compliance with Guideline 19's rules. Randy said a card could be given to WPA members to work these claims. Jim and Randy are the agents for all the claims so they can sign all authorizations for the claims.

Old Business:
It was brought up that the old e-mail was not working and that a new e-mail has been set up. The new address is wpagold@wyoming.com. It is surprising how much mail has come in since the change.
Jerry Brunow ask about embossing stamp and laminating device. He stated that made up a membership card and packets and had sent them to new members. 

New Business: 
June 14th at the next meeting new officers will be nominated so be thinking of who you want in office. Randy stated that him and Pat will not be running for office.
A motion was made to give an honorary membership to Dave Miller and Steven Andrews for there efforts in helping us fight guideline 19. Dave stated that he didn't know if he could accept it but would check it out and let us know.
There was a discussion of the dues fee for out of state residents. It was suggested that it be changed to a lessor fee if the person asking was a member of another States prospecting club and not just the GPAA. Due to the lack of a large attendance, for weather reasons, it was suggested that this be tabled until we could have a large amount of the membership attending to make such a decision.

Next meeting was set to be June 14th, at 6:00pm at the Dredge in Atlantic City. 
Motion was made, seconded, and passed to adjourn the meeting.

Due to the weather being so bad the door prize raffle was omitted so people could get back home.

Respectfully submitted Bonny Hinesley


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