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Meeting was held at Western Wyoming College in Rock Springs March 8, 2003 at 1:00pm.

Randy called meeting to order and requested members & visitors to introduce themselves.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and a motion was made to change them with the
correct names of the new claims names being BROKEN SHOVEL, MUD PIE and MESSY SOUP.
The minutes were also amended to say that the meeting with Hausel & Cook has not been
set as yet and will be set up at a later date. Minutes were accepted as revised and
put on file.

Treasure report was read and accepted as read and put on file.

There was a discussion on the trailer purchase and that Haskol of Riverton had 
the best price. This was discussed then Carl Anderson said he had a trailer that was 
bigger for the same amount of money so a vote was put to the membership to buy Carl's 
trailer. Motion was made and accepted to buy this trailer. Carl will deliver trailer 
to Riverton. Pat Armstrong in Fremont County will take care of the paper work for 
licensing and taxes. The price for the Trailer is $2475.00.

Jim Hinesley stated that he had a new claim area that should be filed by the club and 
if people would like to get involved he has the paperwork ready to do today.

There was correspondence read from member "Francis Oline" stating that he will not be 
available for the outing this year. He also returned his raffle ticket stubs for the 
spiral panner. He stated that he is going to Alaska this year.

A letter was also read which was received from member "Barbara Wright" stating that 
because of medical reasons that they wouldn't be able to participate in the outing.

Randy suggested a card be sent to Wilbert with the attending members signatures being 

A long discussion was held again about guideline 19. Steve Platt of Wyoming DEQ came to 
the February emergency meeting held in Riverton to discuss this guideline. There was a 
statement from Steve that what the guideline says is exactly what is meant to be. This 
means that prospecting will be very limited and that it will be hard to comply with this 
regulation. Randy indicated that the State legislator from Riverton is also a 
prospector and is going to look into this guideline. Larry Barney said he had talked 
to the new director of DEQ, John Corra, and John indicated as soon as he got his feet 
on the ground he would also look into it. Jim Hinesley also said he had sent a letter
to John stating his feelings on how this guideline is wrong. It was suggested by him
that everyone write a letter to the DEQ and also the Governor to see if something
could be done to make this a viable guideline. Randy mentioned that we could draft an outline
that would have the points that need to be worked on and have everyone pick a few of
them to make sure all the letters to the DEQ & Governor cover the important points. It was
brought up that a petition should be drawn up and have members sign. It was stated that a
petition would be like only having one complaint so it was thought it would be better that
individual letters be sent. It was suggested that Jim Hinesley attend a meeting with the
legislative committee and help draw up the outline with the individual topics addressed. It
was suggested that being as this is a special request of Jim that he be paid for mileage 
and a meal allotment be allowed. A motion was made and seconded then approved by the members
for this.

It was said that some of the mail that has been sent is coming back because of incorrect
addresses. We need to find the correct addresses or new ones if people have moved. It
was suggested that a membership committee be set up to see if this could be corrected, as 
this is the
heart of the club. If members don't get the information how can they be involved. It was 
discussed that the club hire someone to try to get this straightened out and see if we couldn't 
get a current and effective list of present members. It was suggested that we pay to 
have this done. Jerry and Tammy Brunow said they would take on the task. The 
membership said that they should be paid to straighten this out and that $600.00 max 
would be allowed. A motion to this affect was made, seconded and passed to hire Jerry 
and Tammy.

Committee Reports:

Les Armstrong, Claim Committee Chairman said that the stakes that have been knocked 
down by cows will be fixed. Carl Anderson is going to donate new heavier stakes for 
this. Randy suggested that we drive the light stakes in a pyramid around them to try
to keep cows from knocking them down. It was stated that the camouflage colored 
stakes will be changed and not used as they are hard to find. Jim Hinesley said 
that when he is ready to do the stakes again that he would let people know so they 
could go and find the claims with him. He will post a notice on the web about this 
as soon as the weather will allow us to get into them.

Les also ask if anyone had any area that they think should be investigated for a 
claim and there were no comments. He stated that he was looking into another area 
and would get some info to us shortly.

Reclamation Committee:

Randy has talked to Jim Rutter and he indicated that we could get a lease on his 
Amanda claims and do some reclamation on them which would help us with the problem 
that DEQ has with the claims in that area and provied material for our outing.
It was brought up that the Kodiak 400 was the best price for the 4 wheeler to be 
raffled this year and was quoted by the dealer in Dubois. Motion was made, seconded 
and passed to continue on with this so it could be in place for the Casper's Outdoor 
Sports Show April 4,5 & 6th. It was said that they would let us take the 4 wheeler, 
as a show unit for the raffle, if a $2,000 down payment is made. It was suggested that 
insurance  be acquired before taking it to the show. 

The outing was discussed and it was decided that the allotment for the June outing 
for food, prizes, porta-poties and misc. be increased from last year. A motion was 
made and amended to set $800.00 for food and supplies this year. The amended motion was 
seconded and passed. 

A paper was sent around the room to have people sign up for the Casper show.Note: very 
little response It was discussed what would be expected of you to do at the booth and 
explained how things went last year. The Alaska bags of gold were discussed to see if 
we could get some more for this years show. Randy is trying to get some.  It was also 
suggested that enough of this Alaska dirt be bought so some could be sold at the outing 
for people who wanted to buy it.

The next meeting will be April 12, 2003. Jacque Schmidt will be checking into the 
Farson community center for the meeting to be held there. The meeting will be 
scheduled from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Jacque will inform us on this availability. *Note
The meeting will be at Mitch's in Farson.

Motion was made, seconded, and passed that the meeting be adjourn.

There were 5 new members signed up at this meeting. Welcome aboard!

Respectfully submitted by Bonny Hinesley


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