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Meeting was held March 19th, 2002 at the Golden Corral 

Vice President Scott Luers called the meeting to order. 
Vice President Luers, Secretary Drake, Treasurer Armstrong, and board member Keith Blair were present. 
Guest Randy Hutchison also present at the request of Secretary Drake. 

Minutes from last board of directors meeting read. 

Keith apologized for missing the last board meeting. 

Luers called for a legislative committee report. 

Keith Blair stated the information committee had decided a domain name would make it easier for club members to find the website. He further stated that the annual cost would be approximately $35.00 a year. When asked if they plan to use one of the three sites already built by Carol Power and Scott Luers, Scott stated that he and Carol planned on combining ideas off of all three web sites to make another one. Secretary Drake told Vice President Luers if she had known Scott and Carol were working on another web site, she would have not given the members the web site address she had been given on 3-7-2002 by Scott as the club web site. Vice President Luers stated that he had missed the second legislative committee meeting, and he did not know Carol had put another web site together. It was further stated that there had been a lack of communication surrounding the whole web site. Scott stated that he should have talked to Carol earlier about the web site but he didn't know how she would react. It was also stated the board of directors should have been given a more detailed account of the legislative committee meeting held in January. Scott and Keith both stated that they had just recently received the minutes from the meeting.  After a discussion on available domain names Treasurer Armstrong suggested that Keith should narrow it down to three of four names to be voted on by the membership at the next meeting. 
Keith went on to say the information committee had discussed putting together an information packet for new members. Keith then passed around an example he had put together. It was stated that they were a good idea that should be brought up before the membership. 

Next item of business was the resignation of President McMillan. Secretary Drake read from the by-laws section VI - D that if any elected office becomes vacant for any reason, a replacement will be nominated and elected at the next meeting. An officer elected as a replacement will serve only the remaining term of the predecessor. Drake further stated that this would not have been possible on the 9th because of the lack of a quorum. Vice president Luers stated that given the situation he did not mind  "filling in" until the election of a new president. When asked when McMillan's term would be up, Secretary Drake stated that McMillan had just been reelected last June and his term would run until June of 2003. It was noted that the only officer up for election this year would be the vice president, since all three other officers had been elected in 2001. It was discussed that with the elections running as they are and each term being two years that there was no way for the officers to " move up the ladder." It was suggested that the terms be for one year and all offices to be up for election this June. Secretary Drake stated that the by-laws would have to be changed to do this. The board decided to present this change to the membership for a vote at the next meeting. The board also decided to make Randy Hutchison a member of the board so there would again be five board members. We further decided to make non-office holding board members count towards the two elected officers needed for a quorum, so maybe a situation like what happened on the 9th could be avoided. The board decided to leave the officers "as is" until the election in June. 

It was brought up that the meetings would be more orderly and stay more on the subject if a head table were set up at the meetings, and a time limit set on a member's comments. The board decided to have the officers and board members set at the head table and to look into obtaining a gavel for the president to use at meetings. 

Secretary Drake pointed out that the by-laws call for an equipment manager and a raffle coordinator. Since Bruce Drake has resigned as the equipment manager the club will need a new one. Scott stated that he has the equipment, the raffle items, the video library, and all the items for booths that Bruce turned in to him when he resigned. When asked if Bruce would reconsider resigning, Corette stated she could not talk for Bruce, and he would have to be asked himself. Scott brought up the budget that had been decided on at the last board meeting for the purchase of club equipment, and said he felt the money could maybe be better used as a "bond" for working one of the club claims with heavy equipment. The board decided to let the membership decide at the next meeting. 

Randy asked the board about the membership dues. He stated he felt they were too high. Scott stated he felt the claims were worth the $50.00 yearly fee. When the subject of new claims was brought up, it was stated that members had been looking into different areas, but there was nothing solid yet. It was decided to leave the dues at $50.00. 

Being no more business, the meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, Corette Drake Secretary WPA 

Corette Secretary WPA


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