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President Keith Blair called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.  Introduction of guests and members took place; a warm welcome back was extended to Scott Luers.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read. A motion was made to amend the minutes to read that the raffle tickets will be sold for $1 each, instead of 5 for $6. Motion seconded and passed by the membership.  Kimberly Raymomd informed everyone that she had purchased the fire extinguishers for the club.  Treasurer’s report was read. She informed us that the bills on hand have been paid and gave a new total.  It was moved and seconded to accept the treasurer’s report. She, also, read a thank you from the PLP for the donation and for purchasing the raffle tickets by the club. 

Committee Reports: Les Armstrong reported on Day in the Park, which will be held the 2nd Saturday of July, which will be July 12, 2005.  Les reminded everyone that the Casper show will be April 1,2, and 3rd. We will have the same location for our booth as in previous years. All members were reminded that set-up would begin on Friday at noon.  Peggy and Bruss Gress, chairpersons for the raffle project, handed out tickets to the club members.  Each member is held accountable for the amount of tickets, which they took. 

Under claim committee, the opal find was discussed.  Scott gave a small overview of the find and what was going on at the present time.  He had some samples of yellow opal with him, which he showed to the members.  He had some other types of stone samples with him.  

Old business:  The claims that Jim Hensley is going to turn over to the club was brought up.  He reported that he is waiting for someone to file the quick claim deeds for the club. It was also noted, the Amanda 28 claim in Yankee Gulch has been filed for the club.  Copies of the map for this claim were made and passed out to those members that wanted them.  Members reported on their finding persons to train members in first aid.  They will continue to look for someone who can help do this. 

New Business: It was brought up that members who are going to Casper to help with the show in April be reimbursed for their rooms.  A motion was made, that any member that is staying overnight on Friday and Saturday be reimbursed for 50% of the cost of their rooms. Motion was seconded and passed by the members present. 

Meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be April 9, 2005.  A site will be decided on and posted on the web.

Respectfully submitted
Rosemary Blair
Acting secretary interim


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