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WPA meeting for July was held at Big Atlantic Gulch during the outing. The meeting was called to order by President Keith Blair at 6:30 pm. The new members were asked to introduce themselves by Keith and were welcomed into the WPA. Minutes from the previous meeting were read and a motion was made and accepted and put on file. The treasures report was read and accepted and put on file.

Committee Reports 
Claims Report:
     There was nothing at this time.
Outing Committee:
     We had a good turn out of volunteers and Keith Blair wanted to thank everyone for helping and participating in the outing. It was a great success. Those who wanted to know where the claims of Broken Shovel, Messy Soup, and Lucky4us were took a ride to each of these claims. Also permission was given for WPA members to go on Rock Creek and see how a trommel worked.
Correspondence Report:
         Deb Palmer had a paper on Public Lands for the People for any one who wanted to read it.
New Business:
         Deb wanted to know about keeping the treasures papers in a safe deposit box or if we had one.  The board members will buy a small safe deposit box to put all papers in
          Randy Hutchison talked with a lawyer about liability insurance for the club.  A letter from the lawyer will be sent. The members voted to let the Board act on the bond and liability insurance on the claims when the letter comes from the lawyer. Motion made and seconded. 
Old Business:
          Carl Anderson got prices on hats for the club of two styles. Motion was made for Carl to go ahead and purchase six dozen hats. It was seconded and accepted.
          It was brought up if the computer and printer were bought yet and Keith is still looking into pricing of them.
          Gold Rush Days are July 23, 24, and 25 at South Pass City. We're still waiting for a letter from Scott who is the acting superintendent of South Pass, to be able to pan in Willow Creek. Volunteers are Jim and Bonny Hinesley, Deb and Murray Palmer, Jim Rutter, Keith Ramon, and Tony Steel and Family. A motion was made to give all volunteers a WPA patch or t-shirt. It was seconded and passed. There is a catering of food for all volunteers after 6:00 pm.
         Still asking for a volunteer for secretary if anyone is interested please let us know. THANKS!
         The pricing of an auger was brought up. Motion was made that Keith go ahead and purchase an auger from the one Pete Peterson recommends.  It was seconded and passed.
Mini Outings:
          On Saturday July 10th everyone who is interested in knowing where the Common Wealth claim is located, will meet at the Sweetwater rest area at 9:00am. On the way some reclamation will be done on the Mary D 1. Do join us, as we do have a lot of fun prospecting for GOLD!
There will be no meeting in July because our July meeting was held at the outing.

          Next meeting will be August 14, 2004 at the Dredge in Atlantic City at 6:00 pm.
A mini outing will be held during that day on the Crusher, Mary D 2 and 3 at 9:00 am. Meeting Place is the Crusher Bridge.

Motion was made to adjourn and was seconded.
There was no raffle held.

Outing Events:
There was a gold panning contest of the men and those who participated were:
Jim Hinesley with 12.2 took first place.               Roger Fullerton with 17.5 took second place
Aaron Raymond with 25.5 took third.                   Bruce Gress with 27.9 took fourth place.
Les Armstrong with 28.2                                        Carl Anderson with 31.3 
Eugene Raymond with 45.5                                    Keith Blair with 48.3
Dave Locker with 55.2 
Randy Hutchison 9.3 with 2 nugget penalty of 20 seconds! Good job Randy.
The Prizes were Large Montana Gold Nuggets which was donated by Zane

Congratulations to all for trying and next year we hope to see you again.
Treasure hunt was a great success.
The children who participated were:
Kathelynn Shetla          Lisa Lindsey        Shala Brost         Courtney Raymond       Athena Jones
There was money and prizes won by all so it was a great success and congratulations to all the winners.

The Adult treasure hunt and those who participated were:
Bonny Hinesley won the grand prize of a dinner for two at the Dredge
Chuck Brackenbury won a hand painted clock
Those who won silver coins & regular coins were:
Jerry D'amado     Larry Noble     Mel Durante     Jacque Schmidt       Jim Brines     Marcia Ardler     Peggy Gress     Bruce Gress     Rosemary Blair     Randy Hutchison     Pat Armstrong     Kimberlee Raymond     Paula Jones     Bill Willenbrecht     Evelyn Willenbrecht 

If we missed anyone's name let us know and we will add it to the minutes.
Thanks to all who participated.

Respectfully submitted 
Acting Secretary
Bonny Hinesley 


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