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WPA MEETING 6/12/2004

The June WPA meeting, which was held at the Dredge, was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by President elect. Keith Blair. There were 36 members present and 7 guests. Introduction of members and guests took place at the beginning of the meeting.  Bonnie Hinesley read the minutes of the last meeting.  The minutes were approved and  seconded as read. Deb Palmer read the treasurer’s report.  A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made, seconded and approved by all members present. It will be put on file as read. 

Committee Reports:

Reclamation Committee:  Randy Hutchinson is still calling to get seed for reseeding the reclaimed area on the Amanda 25.

Claims Committee: Les Armstrong reported that there was nothing new to report on. 

Outing Committee: The place for the outing has still not been determined.  Motion was made and seconded to try to have it at the same place as last year, if the owner  of the private land can be contacted. The other alternative is to have it on the leased land. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Food Committee: Jackie reported that the food is taken care of. She reported that John cannot do the chicken gumbo this year. It was moved and seconded that steaks would be ordered from Clark’s meat house for the Saturday meal.  These would be kept at the Dredge for the club until needed. Kim Raymond will check into ordering potato salad and coleslaw from KFC in Riverton. Peggy and Bruce Gress will pick up the drinks. Members are asked to bring pot luck desserts.
No further discussion.

Correspondence:  Deb Palmer read a letter from John Thomas from Idaho asking to post ads on the website and to hand them out at our meetings.  She also read one from the University of Wy.Outreach Institute.

Old Business: Deb Palmer reminded the club that we had agreed to purchase the tent that we always use from Randy.  After some discussion it was moved and seconded that we pay Randy $200 for it. Motion carried. The next item was the Board’s recommendation that the club purchase a computer and printer for the club secretary to use. Randy moved to accept the recommendation. Kim seconded the motion.  Motion carried. It was also decided that the members who have access to a computer can read the  newsletter on the web page. For those members who wish to receive a paper copy of the newsletter, a written request must be sent to the WPA post office box. 
(WPA  P.O. Box 1269 Riverton, Wy.  82501).

New Business: The Board recommended that beginning this month; members whose membership is past due will receive 3 consecutive monthly notices by mail. After the third and final notice there will be no further correspondence unless dues are paid. Jackie moved the club accept this recommendation. Deb Palmer seconded the motion. Motion carried by unanimous club vote. Concerns were brought up regarding guests coming on WPA claims more than twice. After some discussion, Evie made a motion that after 2 guest visits to WPA claims by a person, they must join the club or no further invitations be extended to them. Bruce seconded the motion. Motion carried. 
Randy Hutchinson was appointed as an alternate board member, thus there will be enough members attending Board meetings. It was mentioned at this time, that the lease agreement has been signed for the property by Lewiston.  This property is approximately .5 mi past the Mary D3 claim. A letter was read from Jim Hinesley, requesting that the club sign a letter of responsibility for any damages arising from prospecting activities. Discussion took place stating that the club needs to look into some type of bonding to cover such activities.  This was tabled until the board could look into the legalities of such bonding to protect the claim owners. 
Deb Palmer also informed the club that she had checked on the bond renewal and rolling it over again this year. With no further discussion the meeting was then adjourned.

 The raffle after the meeting was then held. 

Cap-Rosemary Blair
Scoop-Randy Hutchinson
Sand magnet-Murray Palmer
Gold Nugget-Jackie Schmidt
Loop-Les Armstrong
Green gold pan-Larry Noble
Scoop-Carl Anderson
Bag of Sand w/gold-Lisa Lindsey
T-Shirt-Murray Palmer
Scoop-Evelyn Woolenbrech
Gold Nugget-Deb Palmer
Snuffer Bottle-Jordan Spalding
Small Black gold pan-Tina Jones
Sand magnet-Tom Marchwich
2 Gold Pickers-Murray Palmer
WPA Patch-John Messlich
Tweezers-Carl Anderson
Loop-Dave Lockart
Snuffer Bottle-Dave Lockart
Bag of sand W/gold-John Messlich
WPA Patch-Murray Palmer
T-Shirt-Randy Hutchinson
Green gold pan-Bonnie Hinesley
Sand magnet-Chuck Bracken
Tweezers-Eugene Riner
Gold Picker-Darlene Miosek

Congratulations to all these winners
Hope to see you all at the outing the 25th, 26th and 27th. 

Respectfully submitted
Rosemary Blair
Acting WPA secretary


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