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June 11,2005 

President Keith Blair called the June 11 meeting to order at the Dredge, in Atlantic City   at 6:00 p.m.. Introduction of members took place as well as guests from Florida, Dallas TX, and Casper.  It was great to have some of the new members present today.  Deb Palmer read the minutes of the last meeting.

It was noted in the minutes that nominations for officers for the coming year were: President- Randy Hutchinson, Vice Pres-Scott Luers, Treasurer-Debbie Palmer, and Secretary-Kimberly Raymond. The minutes were approved as read. 

Treasurer's report was read.  Bills were paid and deposits have been made. Randy Hutchinson reported that the outing permit had been obtained from the DEQ. The location of the outing for this year will be at Big Atlantic Gulch on June 24,25, and 26th

Les Armstrong reported on the Day in the Park.  It will be held on July 9th in Riverton at the Park.  A sign up sheet was passed around as to the hours that club members could volunteer to help on that day. 

Deb Palmer read the correspondence from the UW Outreach School.  If anyone is interested in doing these classes please see Deb as to dates and times. 

The Outing committee reported that Jacque Schmidt would purchase the groceries, again, this year.  Randy will talk to Yvonne about getting the steaks for the outing like she did for us last year.  Bill Willenbrecht volunteered to bring up the port potties so they will be available for our convenience.  Les will check on the Fireman's cooker.  The rest of the club members are reminded to bring either salad/dessert, or whatever they wish to bring.  (1 dish for the outing)  Carl will furnish the corn. President Keith will haul the WPA trailer to the site.  Carl will haul the dirt for the outing where ever they decide to get it from, and last but not least, Les has volunteered to take care of the garbage.

Members were also reminded of the ticket sale for the gold coin and nuggets. 

Old business:  The friends of South Pass have again called to see if the WPA members would be interested in working the Gold Rush days in South Pass.  It was discussed and for lack of volunteers this year, it was decided that we would not participate. 

New Business:  The July meeting will take place at the outing. It will be held Saturday evening after dinner.  Please remember, this outing will take place at the Big Atlantic Gulch.   

It was noted that the $400 was due for our leased land. A motion was made and seconded to take care of this bill. Motion passed.

At this time, Jacque informed the club members that a detective from Sweetwater County asked if anyone has seen a missing person. His name is Joel Cooper, if anyone sees this person, please report it to law enforcement. 

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m. A Raffle was held after the meeting.  Congratulations to all of you, who won, and to those that didn't, thanks for supporting the club. 

Respectfully submitted
Rosemary Blair


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