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                      Meeting was held at 5:00P.M. on June 10th,2000 on 
                                  the Carol Claim above AtlanticCity,WY 

                      Vice President Grahm called the meeting to order. 

                      Two officers were present with treasurer David Walling being excused. 

                      Everyone present introduced himself or herself. 

                      Minutes of the last meeting were read. Motion was made and seconded to 
                      accept minutes as read. Motion carried. 

                      No treasurer’s report was given since the treasurer was absent. 

                      Committee reports were called for. 

                      Randy Hutchison gave a panning contest report. He told the membership 

                      That he had purchased plastic tubs. He asked if Scott had purchased the 
                      gold for the “sand bags”. It was stated that he had not.  Randy then 
                      suggested that we acquire the “bags” from Barbara Palmer. Jim Rutter 
                      stated that he had talked to the owner of The Dredge and they are willing to 
                      let us have the contest in their parking lot. Dan stated Barbara is concerned 
                      about parking at this establishment or any place in Atlantic City on the 4th . 

                      It was discussed about taking the paper that is enclosed in the bags of 
                      sand out of said bags. Randy pointed out that as long as the bags were 
                      unbroken we could return them. The point was then brought up that we 
                      would not be using the bags of sand in the panning contest, but lead shot. 

                      A motion was made to forego the panning contest this year since we are 
                      not prepared. Motion was seconded and carried. 

                      Randy then gave Day-in-the-Park committee report. He stated he had 
                      researched the prices of “sand bags” and found the best prices with the 
                      company Barbara Palmer does business with A discussion on the number 
                      of bags needed followed. It was brought up that 2000 bags had been 
                      mentioned before. Some members stated they thought that number was 
                      too high. A motion was made to consign 500 bags. Motion was seconded 
                      and carried. A member who has not attended Day-in-the-Park asked what it 
                      was. A brief description was then given. Randy then stated that Les 
                      Armstrong could acquire small black pans for $1.50 each.  A motion was 
                      made and seconded to purchase 100 of said pans.  Randy further stated he 
                      has eight plastic tubs to use. It was brought up that we need a change box 
                      and a sign up sheet for work shifts. It was suggested that the committee 
                      decide these things at a committee meeting. After discussion a motion was 
                      made to have regular monthly meeting a week early on July 1st. Motion 
                      seconded and carried. Time and location was set at 5:00P.M. on the Carol 

                      Randy Hutchison gave claim committee report in the absence of Les. 
                      Randy  stated that Les told him he has a verbal ok  with  the landowner on 
                      the Tara #2 claim. He further stated that the claim is 7 ½ acres to large for 
                      the number of individuals on the claim. Randy also voiced a concern  about 
                      the chapter paying the filing fees on this claim and stated that it should 
                      either be put in the chapter’s name or the individuals should pay the filing 
                      claim. Bruce suggested the individuals pay the fees and then allow the 
                      chapter members to use the claim.  Jim Rutter then stated since the chapter 
                      does not have any claims at the present time he would let WPA members 
                      use one of his private claims for this season.  Randy then went on to talk 
                      about some claims him and Les have been looking into above Dubois. He 
                      said that the past claimants have not renewed the claims. Jim suggested 
                      asking the people to quick claim them to the chapter or individuals. Randy 
                      stated he would look into it further. 

                      Being no more old business new business was called for. 

                      Tom Niemiec told the membership that he has knowledge of an individual 
                      who has a 4” and 6” dredge she would like to sell. Tom then passed around 
                      a picture of the dredges. Randy made a motion to pursue buying the 
                      dredges. A discussion then followed about the finances of the chapter. It 
                      was brought up that without a treasurer’s report we did not know the 
                      amount of money that could be spent. It was also brought up that we would 
                      have out going expenses for Day-in-the-Park. Randy then stated that he 
                      would be willing to front up to $700.00 to the chapter for the purchase of the 
                      dredges. Bruce volunteered to talk to the individual about the dredges and 
                      report back to the chapter at the July 1st meeting. 

                      Secretary Drake then told the members that this was the annual meeting 
                      and that elections were to be held for Vice President and Treasurer. She 
                      pointed out that the by-laws stated that two officers and five members were 
                      all that was needed for a quorum.  Randy stated his concern that we should 
                      not let 18 or so people decide the fate of the entire chapter. Motion was 
                      made and seconded to table elections until next meeting. Motion carried. 

                      Motion was made to adjourn meeting. Motion seconded and carried. 

                      Respectfully submitted by Corette Drake, Secretary WPA 



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