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Monthly meeting for July was held June 29, 2003 at Big Atlantic Gulch during the outing. 
President Scott Lures called the meeting to order. 
Scott Lures also read the minutes.
The minutes were accepted as read and put on file.
Those who were at the meeting, introduced themselves and said how long they had been a member of WPA.

Reclamation report:
Bond for the reclamation was discussed to reclaim the GPAA Amanda 25 claim. Randy Hutchison has ordered 5 lbs. of seed for the reclamation of Amanda 25. Carl Anderson brought up his backhoe to move dirt on Amanda 25 for reclamation. He also brought up his dump trailer to haul dirt for the outing. We want to thank him for his donation of equipment and time.

The club trailer will be in Riverton for the Day in the Park on July 12th. The 4 wheeler will be on display also.

Jacque Schmidt did a great job getting the food and everything set up. We thank her for her time. We want to thank John Mierzwick for his delicious sausage, chicken gumbo. He's a great cook. We also want to thank those who brought food.

Keith Blair said that 40% of the money has come back on the raffle tickets. There's about 800 tickets left. If you haven't sold any tickets, please send them back to Keith Blair.

Old Business: 
The question of out of state dues was brought up and what to do about it. Jim Hinesley brought up being a sponsor for the out of state people who want to be members. Motion was made to be a sponsor.  It was accepted and passed. The Board of Directors will meet to amend the bylaws before this can be in effect.

New Business:
Discussion to buy tables was brought up but will be tabled till later. The buying of Randy Hutchison's awning was brought up. A motion was made to buy the awning. It was seconded and passed.
Carl Anderson was given a year membership for his time and the use of his equipment. A motion was made it was seconded and passed. 
It was brought up that Eyvon, who runs the Dredge, be given a hand painted gold pan for her letting us use the Dredge and cooking special for us. A motion was made. It was seconded and passed.

Remember the Day In The Park on July 12th. Be there at 7:00 am to set up. All members welcome.
An organization, People for the Public Lands was discussed. It would cost $75.00 to affiliate with them. Motion was made to affiliate with them, it was seconded and passed.
We still need volunteers for Gold Rush Days on July 25,26&27th.

The next meeting will August 9th, 2003 in Atlantic City at the Dredge. Motion was made to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted
Secretary Bonny Hinesley


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