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Welcome back 
This is my first try at this, so please bear with me.  For all of you who have not heard, my 
husband had a stroke, that is why the delay in getting a news letter out to everyone. 

New Club News 
For all of you who have not heard, there is a slate of 3 new officers and one returning officer. 
Randy Hutchison is our new President, Scott Leurs Vice President, Connie Aultman 
Secretary, and Pat Armstrong is back as our Treasurer.  Keith Blair is our board member. 
There were no opposing candidates for the offices, so the election of officers took place at 
the outing in June. 

Meeting July 13th 
The meeting was called to order by the president Randy.  It was noted that this was the first 
meeting in history that all 4 officers were present.  The meeting was opened with everyone 
going around introducing themselves. 

Old news.... 
A special thanks goes out to Randy, Scott, Jim, Ross, Murray for the backhoe, Deb & Barb 
for the wonderful food, and Les for working the concentrate with his spiral panner, and to 
anyone and everyone who pitched in and helped make the event a very memorable 
experience for all in attendance.  This years outing had 64 people, with 42 being there for 
multiple days, what a great event.  We were visited by Willie Zimmer, a writer for the 
Casper Star Tribune, and a staff photographer. 
A raffle was held Saturday evening following the wonderful dinner we had.  The main dish 
was provided by the club, with members providing salads, side dishes, or desserts.  There 
was enough left over food, lunch was provided for Sunday.Lots of equipment was set up 
and demonstrated at the outing.The community dig proceeds were divided equally amongst 
all in attendance. The treasurers report was given and approved. 

New News... 
July 26, 27, 28 was the dates for the Friends of South Pass, we were asked to assist with 
the gold panning booth.  Ross Powers, Jim & Bonnie Hinesley, Scott & Christine Leurs, 
Keith Collins, Randy & Mary Hutchison, Keith & Rosemary Blair, Bruce & Peggy Gress 
were all present to help with the various days event. 
Jim Hinesley was in charge of the event for the club. 
The yearly outing was discussed, and tabled until the next meeting date. 
There was some talk about land that is available on Strawberry for sale, and there is some 
interest in being able to buy it, or possibly another site in the future. 
There is Sales Tax to pay from the proceeds of the show in Casper.  Randy is going to 
contact an attorney for the purpose of getting the club a tax-free organization exemption, so 
that all of the back taxes can be taken care of. 
Randy is also working on a plan of operation for next years outing, and the bond as we 
were in violation this year, according to bureaucracy at the DEQ. 
The club has a considerable amount of club purchased equipment.  There was discussion 
about selling or auctioning it off. It was then discussed about purchasing an enclosed trailer 
to store the equipment in.  The trailer would be stored at Dan and Barb Palmer’s in Atlantic 
City. It was voted on and decided that $800.00 would be allowed for the immediate 
purchase of a trailer, several members are on the watch for one to become available.  It 
was voted on and passed. 
Les talked about staking the club claims, the 3 that are legit.  Jim Hinesley is going to stake 
the 3 claims the week following the meeting. 
Ross nominated Scott to head the outing committee for next year. Scott accepted, with Ross, Keith B., 
There was no report from the Legislative comm. 
The meeting was adjourned with the next meeting to be held at the Dredge on August 10th.

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