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WPA Meeting held in Casper WY, on Jan 11, 2003 at 12:00

The address for the club web site is   www.wpa.gold.com.

Meeting was called to order by Randy.  We went around the room and 
introductions were held. 

Reading of the minutes of the last meeting was  approved and seconded, and 
passed by membership present.

The treasurer's report was read, accepted, and put on file.

There was a Christmas card that was passed around the room that the club got 
from Carroll's Septic system.  For all people who do not know, those are the 
people we get the porta-potties from to use during the outing held on the 
mountain in Atlantic City.

I will now be  e-mailing the minutes of the meeting to Keith Blair, he is 
going to expedite the mailing to the other members of the club. 

The Outdoor Sport Show was brought up, we had not received the information 
from the Casper Events Center about the times and dates.  The members present 
felt that it was a worth while venture for the club, a way to reach more 

There is going to be an outside audit of the books done, and then the book 
keeping will be put in Quicken.

You can access the BLM web site from 4 am- 8 pm.

No reclamation chairman- no report

No equipment chairmen- no report, other than all of the stuff is stored with 
Scott Luers.

Outing committee chairman Keith Collins is not going to be able to fully 
chair his position, as he will be working out of town, but has some plans for 
getting together, and then for attending the function.  The name of the cajun 
cook is John Merst, I did not have that info when I did the last newsletter.

Dan Palmer reported about talking to Kvorek, who is running the large scale 
gold recovery equipment.  There is a chance that we may be able to go and see 
it, but when the equipment is running, it is extremely loud.

We still want to try and do some test holes with a backhoe on club claims, 
once we file the reclamation money with our plan of operations is submitted. 
  In doing this we have to put money into a CD with the interest being 
returned to the club.  The CD is renewed every year and the plan of operation 
can be to cover one site to the next.  Every 2 years the holes need to be 
covered up and reseeded, to keep the reclamation plan effective.

Old Business

We have 6 claims that we need to get filed, some of these are the ones Scott 
was going to do after the outing.  They are the Lucky 4 Us, Mary Dee 3, Lame 
Jack 1. 

Randy checked on some prices on a trailer.  The best deal is a 6 x 12 from 
Hasco in Riverton.  Mike Schulte a member from Cheyenne was going to check on 
prices, as he is a flying club member.  The purpose of the trailer is to 
store the equipment the club owns. 
Here is a partial list, 3 in dredge, 6 in dredge, spiral wheel, wet suits, 
breathing apparatus, tent, and various totes.  The rule for checking them out 
is $20.00 deposit, and you get $15.00 back when you return the equipment.
A motion was made to buy a 6 X 12 trailer for the best price, and the best 
offer for $2500.00 tax and license.  Motion carried.

There are still Belt Buckles available for $35.00, and the club gets $10.00 
of the money.  A picture was taken and should be posted on the club web site. 

New Business

Pat Armstrong discussed the cost of keeping a mail box in Riverton.  It costs 
the club $75.00 a year.  Randy wanted to change the address to his business 
address, due to the problems in getting a parking place near the Post Office. 
 Lots of discussion was tabled, with the idea being that Randy will not 
always be the President, and that we should keep the box for legal documents 
and purposes.

A raffle to earn money for the club was discussed.  Tickets could be sold at 
Gold Rush Days, and the Casper Show.  Barb Palmer is going to be the 
committee chair person for the raffle.

The discussion was about what to raffle, a 4 wheeler, a sluice box, and  a 
spiral wheel.  Les and Pat Armstrong are donating at cost the spiral wheel. 
Motion was passed to have 2 separate raffles going, one for the 4-wheeler, 
and one for the other items. 

GPAA Chapter in Cheyenne is holding a raffle for Alaska Jackpot Gold, Desert 
Fox, and a sluice box.

Middle of July we will be having Dan Hausel and Lance Cook come and talk to 
us at a 1 or 2 day event.  Barb Palmer said that South Pass would cover their 
room and board. 

Patches were again discussed, a $50.00 setup fee, and 100 patches would cost 
approx. $ 3.00 each, and if we buy 200  patches, the cost would be approx. $ 
2.60.  Lots of discussion was done.  A motion was made to buy 200 patches, it 
was carried by all.

Just a reminder, you can not be on more than 10 claims or you loose your 
small miners exemption.

Connie Aultman

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