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Saturday, August 14, 2004

The meeting of the WPA was called to order by President Keith Blair,  at 6:00 p.m. at the Dredge. Introduction of members took place at the beginning for the benefit of the new members in attendance

Deb Palmer read the minutes of the last meeting.  There was a correction made to the minutes, stating that Randy had spoken with an insurance agent, not an attorney in respect to obtaining claim insurance. The minutes were then approved with the correction as read.  Deb then read the treasurer’s report. She informed the members of bills paid and of monies received, and deposited.  There was a motion made to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried by the club members. 

At this time, bonding/liability was discussed.  It was noted that the club would have a $2000 CD set aside, so that it may be used for reclamation that needs to be done on member claims. Randy informed the membership that the club did not have to have liability insurance unless it is for a club event. A letter will be sent to Jim Hinsley stating that the club will accept responsibility for damages to claims caused by WPA members.

A report on Gold Rush days was given. Numerous members participated during these 3 days. Members who participated with this event received the choice if a t-shirt, ball cap, or WPA patch. If anyone needs a cap, Carl Anderson will be bringing our supply to the next meeting.

Jim Hinsley presented claims committee report. At present, there are four active club claims, those being the MD-2, MD-3, Lucky 4-Us, and the Broken shovel.  Jim stated that “after he receives the letter from the club stating the club will be responsible for any damage caused to claims by members, he may possibly reopen 3 claims that he is the agent for.  At this time, Randy reported that since the club only has 4 active claims, he will reopen the MD-1 as long as the members stay away from the road and the pond. There is to be no prospecting at any site that is visible from the road.  Randy will get maps to whoever is taking care of the web page.

Under correspondence, Deb Palmer read a letter from the DEQ.  Jim Hinsley informed members to check with the forest ranger if they plan to pan for gold in the forest.  They may need to get a permit, at the disgression of the forest ranger. 

Old business: the board agreed to the purchase of a laptop computer and a printer for the membership committee. It was also noted that they would be paid to do the duties of membership at $140/quarter. This computer and printer is to be used for business purposes only.  Robert and Paula Jones will be taking over the membership duties. They are to e-mail all board members the entire membership list so that they know what memberships are current. There will be a board meeting 8/19/04 at 7:00 p.m. to split the gold from the outing. This month will be the last month that the minutes of the meeting will be mailed to all members. Anyone wanting to have the minutes mailed to them must request it in writing to the secretary at P.O Box 1269, Riverton, WY. 8250l, otherwise you will find them and any other information listed on the web page. President Blair asked for help in doing the secretarial duties, as we no longer have a club secretary.  At this time, Kim Raymond, who is the Vice Pres and Rosemary Blair volunteered to do the minutes until someone steps up to take over this duty or until elections next year. 

New Business: The next meeting will be held Sept. 11th at the Dredge. It will be the last regular monthly meeting.  We will then begin doing them every 2 months. For the last regular meeting, there will be a mini outing on the leased land, which is on the Lewiston/Willie’s handcart road. The club will furnish the meat, members are to bring side dishes. It was also noted at this time, that Dan Hausel of the Wyoming Geological Survey will lead an all day tour of the historic South Pass gold mining districts on Saturday Aug. 21st.  The tour will begin at 8:00 a.m. with the meeting location at the Atlantic City iron ore mine turnout along Hwy 28, before the turnoff to Atlantic City. Bring your own lunch and drinks if you plan to attend this tour. 

Adjournment of the meeting took place.  The raffle was then held.  Congratulations to all those who won prizes, and a big thank you to all who participated in the drawings. 

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