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August 9, 2003 Meeting Minutes held at the Dredge in Atlantic City
President Scott Lures called the meeting to order at 6:04pm and requested that everyone introduce themselves and tell where they were from. 

Secretary Bonny Hinesley read July's meeting minutes. A motion was made and seconded that the minutes be accepted as read and put on file. Motion passed.

Treasurer Deborah Palmer read the treasurers report. A motion was made and seconded that the report be accepted as read and put on file.

Bonny read several letters that were received in the club e-mail system. The letters were about a prospective member asking questions about membership, which was answered by Scott Lures. Another was on a person asking about tickets on the 4 wheeler and there was the report on Gold Rush Days making $502.75 for the Friends of South Pass.

Scott lures stated that a board of directors meeting would be set up as soon as possible.

 Claims Committee
There was nothing new to report as for nothing has been done on the staking of the new claims.

Reclamation Report
Randy Hutchison has obtained the seeds to replant the work done on Amanda 25. He thought that it would be better to plant them later this fall so maybe they would have a better chance of growing. When planting time is determined there will be a request for volunteers to help with the planting.

Equipment Report
Scott Lures reported that all the equipment is now in the club trailer and that there was a problem with the carburetor because gas was left in the unit last year. Scott said that he will be getting the parts and doing the work to repair this for future use by the club members. This trailer is being stored on Daniel Palmers property at Atlantic City so it will be readily accessible if we need it.

Raffle Tickets
Keith Blair was not there to give a report on the progress of this but it was stated that approximately 400 ticket were left on the 4 wheeler. If people need more tickets they need to contact Keith Blair to obtain them and also if they have tickets that are not sold they need to be turned back in so someone may sell them.

Governmental Affairs
The DEQ has now approved our permit for the June outing. Now Randy Hutchison will send the letter from Stephen Andrews to the appropriate people trying to help the cause on guideline 19.

Old Business
Randy Hutchison reported that the land that we are looking to lease has been turned over to a family member so he will be dealing with them also on this project.
There was a report on the Day in the Park stating that everything went pretty well and there were a lot of tickets sold for the 4 wheeler. It seemed that everyone had a lot of fun showing people how to pan for gold.
At Gold rush days there was more interest in people wanting to see how to pan than there was in people wanting to pan. There were a few raffle tickets sold there also. It seemed like a few were interested in becoming members this year.

New Business
Scott Lures talked about trying to get advertising space in some local papers trying to get new members and to promote what Wyoming Prospectors is all about.
Jim Rutter said that there has been no response from the GPAA as to the rent that is suppose to be paid and that if it was not paid by the end of August that the claims will be closed to the GPAA. He also stated that he would still allow the WPA membership to use his claims as in the past.
There was a discussion to fill a mineshaft hole on one of the Amanda claims that is in question by the DEQ. 
Jim Hinesley also stated that the GPAA Wyoming Chapters are suppose to be in the area on September 6th to do some reclamation work on the Amanda claims. 
There was a hand painted Gold pan clock presented to Eyvon and Walda for letting us use the Dredge as a meeting place and cooking special for us.
A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. It was stated that the next meeting would be September 13, 2003 at the Dredge in Atlantic City.

Respectfully submitted Bonny Hinesley


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