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                      Meeting was held at 5:00 P.M. on August 12th, 2000 
                             on the Carol Claim above Atlantic City,WY 

                      President McMillan called meeting to order. All three officers were 
                      present. Everybody introduced himself or herself. 

                      Minutes of the last meeting were read. Motion was made 
                      and seconded to approve minutes as read. Motion carried. 

                      Secretary/Treasurer Drake gave the treasurer’s report. 
                      Motion was made to approve report. Motion seconded and 

                      Old business was called for. 

                      Bruce told membership that we have the dredges. He 
                      explained some of the work he had done to clean them up. 
                      He further explained that he had replaced the hoses and put 
                      quick couplings on them. Bruce also told the members that 
                      Ross, Brad, Corette, and himself had taken them for a test 
                      run. (To work out the bugs.) Brad asked what the total other 
                      expenses were on the dredges. Treasurer Drake told the 
                      membership that there had been $162.04 spent on moss, 
                      hoses, couplers, and etc. Rules were then discussed about 
                      the dredges. After much discussion about rental fees, 
                      length of time, persons that could use equipment, and other 
                      aspects; the following rules were passed. 

                         1.)   If you break it, you fix it. With the exception of hoses. 

                         2.)   Twenty-dollar deposit to be paid at pick-up with 
                            fifteen dollars refund upon return of equipment in 
                            good condition. 

                         3.)   Length of rental period to be 96 hours. With loss of 
                            deposit if late. 

                         4.)   Only WPA members can rent equipment. 

                         5.)   Equipment cannot be taken out of state. 

                      President McMillan asked for a volunteer to be equipment 
                      chairperson. Bruce Drake volunteered. 

                      Treasurer gave report on day in the park. She told the 
                      membership that after the expenses of one hundred sixty- 
                      two dollars and twenty cents ($162.20) for the black pans, 
                      ninety-nine dollars and fifty-five cents ($95.55) for the sand, 
                      forty dollars ($40.00) booth fee, and thirty dollars ($30.00) in 
                      miscellaneous items, the club’s profit was seven dollars and 
                      35 cents ($7.35). Randy Hutchison told the membership that 
                      we had signed Craig and Susan Thomas up to the WPA. 
                      President McMillan asked the membership if they wanted to 
                      do the Day in The Park next year. A discussion ensued on 
                      the floor about the pros and cons of involvement in the 
                      event. It was pointed out that it was a good source of 
                      contacts and to get information out about the WPA. 
                      President McMillan asked for a decision on whether or not 
                      to participate in day in the park next year. The club agreed 
                      to unanimously.  President McMillan then asked Scott if he 
                      had cleaned up the sands yet. Scott stated that he had not, 
                      but would try to have them by next meeting. 

                      Claim reports were called for. Bruce stated that he needed 
                      to do a follow up on the Tara claims. Ross stated he needed 
                      one hundred dollars ($100.00) assessment fees from the 
                      club for 2001 dues on the LJG1 claim. Randy stated he 
                      would turn over the claim he just filed on the Strawberry to 
                      the WPA. 

                      Barbara Palmer brought up a question of WPA members 
                      needing to be GPAA members first. President McMillan 
                      asked Secretary Drake to look through previous meeting 
                      minutes to determine what the club had voted. 

                      Secretary Drake read from last meeting that the club had 
                      voted that persons had to be a GPAA member before they 
                      could become a WPA member. 

                      Being no more old business, new business was called for. 

                      Scott Luers stated he knew of an area he would like to 
                      claim, but stated that he needed partners. He was met with 
                      plenty of offers. 

                      Corette stated she had not yet received the raffle items. 
                      Ross brought up that he believed it took longer if they were 
                      paid for by check. Discussion then followed about the club 
                      needing a debt card for such purchases. President McMillan 
                      instructed the secretary/treasurer to look into obtaining a 
                      debt card for the club. 

                      It was decided to wait on the postcards for the Vice 
                      President elections. 

                      5:00 P.M. Saturday September 9th on the Carol claim was 
                      set for the next meeting. 

                      Being no more new business, meeting was adjourned. 

                      Respectfully submitted by Corette Drake. Secretary/Treasurer WPA


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