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Aug 11, 2007 

The August monthly WPA meeting was called to order by President Scott Luers at 5pm at the Grubstake in Atlantic City.  Introductions were made by all members present. 
The minutes from the July meeting were read by Bruce Gress. Motions were made and carried to accept the minutes as read.
The Treasurers report was read by Treasurer Deb Palmer who reported on bills paid and deposits made. Motions were made and carried to accept the report as read.
Claims Committee:
The Athena’s 2, 3 and Athena’s Dream have been added to the club claims by Robert and Paula Jones.  Thank you Robert and Paula!!
Randy Hutchinson asked about putting the total claim area map on the web page for all to see besides on the “members only” page. 
Jim Hinesley reported the National news which is posted on the website and all members are encouraged to write to their congressman.
Correspondence: Deb Palmer read a letter from Walter Walbridge’s family informing the club of his passing and how much he enjoyed the outings that he was able to attend. 
Reclamation Committee:  Randy has sent in a permit for next year  asking to dig 3 more pits on the Amanda 28 (Yankee Gulch). He also reported that Gene Wellhouse  has a mercury retort we can use. The nugget found on the Amanda 28 was over a pennyweight. 
Old Business: Jim finally received a few recipes just today but we need more! You can send them in on the form on our website!!
The gold panning booth for Sidney Nebraska has been tabled until next year when the time is closer. If we can get our recipe book going that would be a good item to sell if we attend the show. We are also invited back to Casper and also to a Torrington show next year.
The Game and Fish took pictures of the hole on Yankee Gulch and turned them over to the DEQ but since a permit had been filed we were ok.  We need to make sure to be careful and be on the right places when we are out and about.
New Business:  The Carissa tour was enjoyed by all the club members who attended. This was the last tour for this year. We will try to set up another tour next year, they will start again in June.  It was voted to send a thank you card to John Lane who conducted the tour, he was great.
Deb reported that our new members the Belveal’s, from Pinedale make signs and offered to make signs for our outing for donations or at cost. The board will discuss this at their next meeting.   Keith and Rosemary said they would be most happy to turn this over to them!
Perry Dobbins has graciously offered to build a cage for the club to hold the raffles tickets.  Thank you Perry!
Carl reported that he was denied an exploration permit for the Big Atlantic  Gulch claim and now that he has another claim he is donating this claim to our club.  We have gladly accepted the claim and we thank Carl for his generosity. 
Jackie Schmidt  said the Miners Journal has some nice items we could use for raffle items and asked if she should get some information on them.  Scott said to go ahead and get the information.
Jim asked about paying the assessment work on the private claims and it was voted and carried to pay the fees.

The next meeting will be held on Sept 8th at the Grubstake at 5pm. We will also have a mini-outing at the Yankee Gulch. We will meet at the Miners Delight cemetery at 830am.  Please bring your own lunch.

The 50/50 raffle was won by Keith Blair- congratulations!!
The meeting was adjourned and the raffle was held.

Respectfully submitted,
Peggy Gress


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