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Meeting August 10 

With several new members in attendance we went around the room and did introductions. 
The treasurers report was read, accepted, and put on file. 

Old News....... 
There was no news from the board of directors. 
Claims, the posts were put up, but they are already down again, due to the cows rubbing on them. 

New Business 
The outing for next year will be held at the same place on Jim’s claim, the last week of June, the dates being 27, 28, and 29. A committee was formed for the new outing, Keith Collins, Ross, 
Keith Blair, and Jim and Jacque Schmidt. 
Plan of operations are being worked on for all of the claims, as we were in violation on this year’s dig. 
Randy was going to talk to someone about the back taxes the club owes. 

$830.50 was made for the friends of South Pass, during South Pass days...members of the 
club who were there and helped out were: 
Bonny and Jim Hinesley 
Ross Powers 
Keith Collins 
Christina and Scott Leurs 
Peggy and Bruce Gress 
Rosemary and Keith Blair 
Randy and Mary Hutchison 
Barb Palmer was in attendance and gave praise to all who helped, and a special thanks.  1/4 oz of gold was found in one of the bags during South Pass Days. A dinner was going to be given by the friends of South Pass in recognition of all of the hard work the club put into making the gold panning experience a success. The club decided that they would rather have a letter of recognition sent to the Riverton Ranger instead. 
A card to be sent to Dan Hausel for all of the good publicity he gives to the club. 
A motion was made to have the meeting in Atlantic City in September, but you should check in 
Lander on your way up. 
The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 
thanks all for your patience. 



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