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Meeting was held April 13th at 3:00 P.M. at the Big Noi Resturant, Lander 

Acting President Scott Luers called the meeting to order. Luers, Secretary Drake, and board members Hutchison and Blair were present. 

Everybody introduced himself or herself. 

Minutes from the board of directors meeting were read. Motion made to accept the minutes as read. Motion seconded and carried. 

Randy Hutchison passed around copies of the treasurers' report. Questions were asked for. Being no questions, motion was made and seconded to approve the report. Motion carried. 

Secretary Drake reported she had written to the day in the park committee to state the club would not have a booth this year. She also thanked Keith for emailing the members about the Jack Marrow meeting. 

Committee reports were called for. 

Secretary Drake gave a board of directors report. She reported that Randy had been appointed as the fifth board member. She further stated that the officers would stay as is until the elections in June. Drake said that the board had decided to leave the membership dues at $50.00. She stated that the by-law changes that were to vote on later in the meeting were the last item of business discussed at the board meeting. 

Randy Hutchison gave claims committee report in the absence of chairman Les Armstrong. Randy stated that Les told him he has the PVC pipe and caps to mark the claims, they are just waiting for better weather. 

Outing committee was called for. Randy Hutchison stated that the discussion centered on whether or not Randy could get the materials off of the same claim he did last year. Randy stated he had visited with the BLM about this, and they had told him the view-shed study the area was under going would be a deciding facture on determining if he could do so. 

Ross Power was not present to give reclamation committee report. 

Keith Blair gave legislative committee report. He stated the committee had put together information packets for the new members. They were working on the web site, and were researching out available domain names. 

Old business was called for. 

Scott reported that the outdoor show was a great success. He further stated they had plenty of help, and lots of interest in the booth. It was further reported seven (7) new members were signed up, and even though not as much gold was sold Scott felt the booth had better results. Randy stated they had gathered a lot of signatures for multiple use of the areas in the Jack Marrow study. 

Barbara Palmer introduced Jon Lane from the Gold Rush Days committee. Jon explained that the general public is very interested in gold prospecting. He further stated that the people that come up for the Gold Rush Days are even more interested then most. Jon invited members to come up and show visitors how to pan and sluice. He further stated they have many inquires about the prospecting in the area. Jon stated that the Gold Rush Days is a fundraiser for the Friends of The South Pass Area. When asked if our club could keep the money from the gold sells, Jon answered no we wouldn't but we could offer memberships for the club. Jon asked if the club would be interested in "manning " the panning demonstrations. 
Corette Drake said she would chair the event. Motion was made and seconded to do Gold Rush Days. Motion was carried. Barb to get more information to Corette when available. 

New business was called for. 

It was stated that the club does not have an equipment manager or a raffle coordinator. Scott asked for volunteers for these positions, nobody was interested. 

Scott stated that himself, Keith, Les, Randy, and Herb had attended the Jack Marrow meeting. The BLM stated that they would like more input from more people and groups that want multiply use in the area. It was stated that they (BLM) had received approximately 1200 postcards from environmental groups, but they considered them as one because of the form letter approach they had used. Keith Blair stated he would get the address that the members need to send their letters to out to the membership before the May 1st deadline. 

Domain names for the new website were brought up on the floor next. It was stated that the board of directors felt the name wpagold.com would be the best choice. Carol Power stated the name was still available and she could register the name the following Monday. A question of the possibility of a chat room and club member forums was asked, and Scott and Carol both stated that would be a consideration. Motion was made to use wpagold.com as the club website. Motion seconded and carried. 

The purposed amendments to the by-laws were presented to the membership. The first would make the non-officer members of the board of directors would count towards the two elected officers needed for a quorum. It was amended further to state that in the absence of the secretary one of the board members would act as secretary and take minutes of the meeting. Amendment was passed unanimously. 
The second amendment changed the terms of elected officers from two years to one year. This amendment also passed unanimously. 

Dan Hausel's schedule for the 2002 season was announced, as was the formation of a new GPAA chapter in the Powell area. 

Carol Power insisted that we resolve the equipment manager issue. President Luers and Secretary Drake both explained that a volunteer had been asked for and nobody was interested in it. Carol asked what the equipment managers duties were. Scott stated that when Bruce was doing it, he not only took care of the club rental equipment, he also kept the items for the booths, the hats, t-shirts, and the displays. 
Bruce had also kept the raffle items and the video library. Carol asked again to resolve this, after nobody volunteered, the discussion was tabled until next meeting. 

Next meeting was set for 6:00 P.M. on May 11th at the Dredge  in Atlantic City. 

Meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, Corette Drake Secretary WPA 


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