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WPA Meeting April 3, 2004

The April meeting of the Wyoming Prospectors Association was called to order at 1:00pm by President Scott Luers. There were 3 officers, 1 board member, 21 members & 2 guests attending. Bonny Hinesley read the minutes from the March meeting which a motion was made, seconded and approved to accept as read and put on file. Scott asked for everyone to introduce themselves. Deb Palmer read Treasures report which a motion was made, seconded and approved to have report accepted as read and put on file. 

Correspondence from the mail box and web site was read. We had received another news letter from Public Lands for the People telling some of the actions they are doing to help with our causes. It was stated that they have a web site if anyone is interested they can go to http://www.plp2.org 

Jim read 1 of the e-mail talking about requesting the password to the member's area. There was some discussion as to weather we should change the password. It was decided that the new password will be "*******" . This area is where the claim maps and club information is kept. All members are welcome to check it out. 

Bonny read an e-mail from Jerry & Tammy Brunow (Membership Coordinators) stating that they would relinquish the task to Bonny. The work they have done getting this straightened out was amazing. Thanks from all of us for a job well done.

An article from the Riverton newspaper was read about the last meeting, telling about what our club is trying to do. This was good exposure for us and who ever did it thanks a lot. It was discussed to put a picture of the 4 wheeler winner in the paper so everyone can see who has won. 

Committee reports:
Claims Committee: Les Armstrong talked about the conditions of the roads to the claims and stated it will be a few more weeks before we can get to our claims. They have plowed the road to Willie's Handcart site and there is walls of snow on both sides as high as a truck.

Lease Committee: Randy stated that there is still being progress being made toward leasing the property where we are hoping to have the outing.

Outing Committee: Bonny stated that there was no response to the news letter as for volunteers 
and suggested that maybe we shouldn't have an outing if no one wanted to participate.
We still don't have a chair person for this committee but the volunteers present asked some questions as to what was expected of them. 

Randy Hutchison brought up the suggestion that we have a person cater the food and maybe have Steaks this year. Jim Hinesley said he would get a hold of John to see if he still wants to cook the "Cajun Gumbo" for us also. The members attending the meeting thought this to be a good idea. A motion was made and approved to have Randy pursue this to see if it will be possible. 

Scott and Randy are going to look into the permitting necessary and find out what we will have to do this year. 
Les volunteered for the garbage detail beings he knows where the dump there is.

Old Business:
Carl Anderson stated that he has contacted a company to get pricing for new hats but will have to get a picture of the logo before he can go any further with it. Jim will get him a picture to care of this.

Jim and Scott explained the incentive cards that were passed out to the members attending the meeting. Jim stated that the cards he made up were just an example of what the program can become. It would be hard to get everything on such a small card. Members are requested to bring these cards with them to all functions so we don't have to make so many. 

Jim made a motion to have a check issued to Jerry and Tammy to complete our commitment to them for a job well done. Approved and Deb will take care of this.

New Business:
Randy showed the T-shirt that he had made for the club. We now have various sizes so if anyone wants one they can be purchased or obtained thru the incentive system.

We have received a letter about Riverton's "Day in the Park" which stated it will be July 10th and that they have to know by June 30th to reserve our spot. Randy discussed a 6 foot trough that he had seen that would be good to have for demonstration purposes and for panning at the outing. There was some discussion but it was tabled until next meeting.

Scott asked if anyone from South Pass has contacted us to see if they want us to do "Gold Rush Days". No one had heard anything yet.

The next meeting day May 8th, anyone interested in meeting at the bridge on Strawberry Creek at 9:00 am will have a chance to find where the claims are and find some gold. This will not be an organized outing so bring what you need for the day, food, water, and equipment. We will be working on 3 or 4 of the active claims. Les Armstrong said he would lead people from the "Dredge Restaurant" in Atlantic City starting at 8:00am if they don't know how to get to the claims.

Being no more new business Scott set next meeting to be May 8th at 6:00pm and adjourned the meeting. Meeting tentatively set to be at the Dredge and food may be available. 

The normal raffle at the end of the meeting was not held because the coordinator, with items, was not available.

Randy stated that the attending members had brought in goodies to eat, (buffalo chili, roll ups, brownies, cookies, and cake) for anyone who wanted. He would then set up to show how to read maps.
Randy had some maps and drawings which he used to demonstrate on how to read. He gave examples of a claim and had people try to map them out on a topo map. This was a learning exercise for most of us there. Thanks Randy 

Respectfully submitted
Bonny Hinesley (WPA Secretary)


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