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Meeting was called to order at 1709 hours by President Jacque.

Roll sheet was passed and everyone reminded to sign up on it. Those in attendance introduced themselves.

Minutes of the last meeting were read by Secretary Kathi. Location was corrected to read Broken Shovel. Perry  moved, Charlotte  seconded to approve minutes as corrected. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report read by Deb, Treasurer. Jim moved, Jay seconded to approve treasurer’s report as given. Motion passed.

Correspondence: get well card sent, money had been sent to PLP, membership packets sent. The WOMA mercury study has been cancelled. WPA can get our money donated back or we can leave it set. The money will go to PLP now if we leave it. Jay moved to leave the money donated to PLP, Les seconded the motion. Discussion was held. Motion passed. Jim will take care of the note advising of our decision. An injunction was filed on SB670 as it has been signed by the governor. The board of directors ordered hats, hoodies, etc through Tip Top. This was done per committee indications. Favorable comments received about having out houses located on the ground instead of on the trailer at the outing.

Claims: Randy updated the club. WPA paid assessment fee to BLM for this year. Claims are now eligible for waivers next year. 

Discussed articles to newsletter for inclusion. Dan Hausel info that was in the newsletters is now on web site. Check the web site.

Reclamation: no news from this committee.

Tax exempt status-IRS contacted Deb about our tax exempt status paperwork. We are also looking into exempt from State of Wyoming taxes. The cost is $200.00. It was moved by Randy, seconded by Jay to pursue this exemption. Motion carried.

Old Business: Sluice boxes, have we followed up on them being made? We were contacted by Bare Bottom Mining. Discussion was held about having them attend meeting. Deb moved, Steve seconded to invite them to attend meeting. Motion carried. The display mannequins were discussed. Sue had contacted them and was advised that delivery was delayed due to poor economy. The display is still on for Heritage Museum in Riverton. We are willing to set up display without mannequins.

New Business: gold Fever equipment dry washer for Robert bought with incentive cards and cash. Bill due to Les. Joyce moved to pay, Jay seconded. Motion passed.

Next meeting is November 14, 2009. It will be held at the Wind River Heritage Center in Riverton. It will start at 1300 hours and it will be a pot luck dinner. You need to bring your own chair & table service. Enter in the back door. Address is 1075 S Federal Blvd. Riverton, WY 307-856-0706. Map is included in this mailing.

With no other business to be brought forth, meeting adjourned. 50/50 raffle won by David. Prize drawing held.

ADDENDUM: If you have issues to be brought up with the membership, you need to attend the meeting and bring it up in the general meeting.


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