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September 8, 2007

President, Scott Luers called the September meeting of the WPA to order at 5:20 p.m. at the Miner's Grubstake.

Introductions were made as there were new faces present.

Scott read the minutes from the August meeting as secretary was eating.  Thanks Scott!
As there were no corrections, motions were made and carried to approve minutes as read.

Treasurer, Deb Palmer read the treasurers report.  She reported bills paid and deposits made.  Motions were made and carried to accept treasurers report.

There was no correspondence.

Reclamation:  We have been approved for more pits to be dug on Yankee Gulch.

Old business:  !!!! RECIPES !!! We need more recipes.  Please bring your favorites or submit them online. Or mail them to: Wyoming Prospectors
             P.O. Box 1269
             Riverton, Wy 82501 
and they will reach their destination.

The Boy Scouts prospected on Oregon Buttes and had a great time. They have extended us a special thank you
for letting them prospect on our claim.

Scott is looking into other items for raffle drawings. 

New Business:  Yankee hole to be back filled before winter.  Carl said he would take care of it while he had the back hoe in the area.  Thank you Carl for all you do for the club.  We greatly appreciate it!

We will work on getting claims maps to those who don't have internet access.

Next meeting to be held November 10th, 2007, 1:00 p.m. in Rock Springs at Carl's shop. Please bring a dish and the recipe to that dish. It will be a pot luck meal. BRING CHAIRS AS SEATING IS LIMITED!

If you need directions, there is a map on the internet to Carl's shop.  And attached to your news letter.

50/50 raffles was won by Charlotte Dobyns- congratulations.

Congratulations to all who won at the club raffle as well. 


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