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Minutes of November Monthly Meeting
Wyoming Prospectors Association
November 08th, 2008

President Jacque Schmidt called the meeting to order at 1:18 P.M.
Introductions were made.

Secretary Mary Hutchison read the minutes from the last meeting. Jim motioned to accept the minutes as read and Rosemary 2nd. Minutes accepted as read. Treasure Deb Palmer read the treasurer report, Rosemary motioned to accept as read and Peggy 2nd.
Correspondence: Randy reported on the DEQ inspection letter. No items of concern were mentioned. Randy will make the letter available to anyone wanting to read it in its entirety.

Old Business: Thank you to all of those who attended the last mini outing at Amanda 28 (Yankee Gulch). We reclaimed the pit and finished leveling the area by hand. This area was part of the DEQ inspecti>on. It was a lot of hard hand work but it looks good. There was discussion about fencing around seeded areas to prevent livestock from damaging the new growth.  Randy said we will need to order new seed this year. A motion was made to allow Randy to purchase seed for reclamation. Motion passed.

New business: Randy has consulted an attorney about the best way for the club to acquire a permanent site and the tax status of the club. Discussion was held. Molly Countryman mentioned the possible availability of grants for recreation oriented activities.  She will check and report at a later  meeting.  A motion was made by Jim H. to reimburse Randy for the $75.00 cost of the attorney visit.  2nd by Rosemary. Motion passed. 
There was discussion on changing the Out of State memberships fees but nothing was decided at this time. More discussion to follow. There was discussion about the length of time expired members should be carried on the membership list.  Randy suggested that a notice be sent out 30 days prior to expiration date and again on the exp. date, resulting in a 30 day grace period until termination of membership. Terms to be included in the membership packets.
Discussion was also held concerning who is eligible to participate in club outings.  It was noted that you must be a paid and current member or pay a fee.
Jim has acquired the new club color laser printer. The price of the ink cartridges is expensive, but will check possibility of refilling the used ones. A new printer, which comes with cartridges, may be cheaper than buying new cartridges.
Carl announced that he intends to file a new claim. He is primarily interested in 20 acres but 160 acres is available. If anyone is interested in participating in an association placer, contact Carl Anderson.
Peggy motioned to thank Paula for her hard work as membership coordinator. Bonnie 2nd.  All members agreed.Randy mentioned a suction dredge study in California. The Waldo Mining District is asking miners to donate for expenses involved. If you would like to have your donation tax deductible, PLP will act as a point of contact so any donation can be tax deductible. Jim mentioned that the study had been put on hold until spring. Keith motioned to send $500.00 now and another $500 when the study begins. Jim 2nd.  Motion passed. Jim said that all the new name badges / membership cards have been sent out, if you did not receive one please contact Jim and let him know.Next meeting will be at Hutchisons on January 10th at 1:00 -weather permitting. Check the web page http://wpagold.com before timefor an update on meeting and directions to Hutchison home. Notification will be posted the morning of January 10th if any change. If you do not have internet access go to your local library and use their system. If meeting is canceled notification will be posted there.

Deb moved to adjourn the meeting. 
50-50 raffle and club raffle were held with many nice prizes won. 

“I apologize for the tardiness of the minutes. They were misplaced for a while but Randy saved the day when he found them.” 

Secretary Mary Hutchison 

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