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Minutes of May Monthly Meeting
Wyoming Prospectors Meeting
May 9th, 2009

Meeting called to order at 4:45 at the Grubstake Restaurant in Atlantic City.  Introductions were made. 

Secretary Mary H. read the minutes of the last meeting. Russ motioned to accept minutes as read and Joyce 2nd. 

Deb P.  Read the treasurers report. Jim H. Motioned to accept as read and Russ 2nd.

There was no claims report.
Committee Report:
     Claims Report: Jim H. spoke about a new claim that has been added to the club. The map was passed out to the members and will be attached to the minutes being mailed for the month.
Correspondence- Jacque said concerning the requests for grant moneys that Haliburton had turned us down.  She is still waiting on others to report back. 

Old Business: Jacque talked about having our display at the Heritage Center.  She suggested waiting until later in the summer to buy a mannequin, because the price may be less expensive. Scott had said he would build an old time rocker box.

Discussion was held about turning over ownership of the claims known as: Common Wealth, Crusher, Messy Soup, and Mud Pie. The locator claims are MaryD2 and Broken Shovel. Mary H. Motioned to accept the claims and Wayne 2nd the motion.

New Business: There was discussion about dogs running loose at outings and meetings. There are many people in our membership that are unsteady on their feet, especially on the uneven terrain where we work. We realize that the dogs are having fun but their exuberance could be dangerous. Several other issues concerning dogs behavior was brought up. Wayne motioned to require dogs to be on leashes at all times. Deb 2nd. 
We realize that this may offend some dog owners, but who of us wants to be on the committee that decides which dogs will be allowed to run free? 
The Board has spent several weeks reviewing the Bylaws. There were numerous changes proposed. Most were updates reflective of our organization as it is now. Some changes were merely grammar and spelling. All were reviewed individually and brought to a vote.  The new Bylaws will be sent to the Secretary of State to be registered. Copies will be made and included in membership packets. 

It had been mentioned to have RSVP’s for those who will be attending the outing. It will make planning for food etc. much simpler. Carl motioned to have pre-stamped post cards sent out with the minutes. Deb 2nd.

A years membership to the club was awarded to Rod and Jo in appreciation for their hospitality given us in the last years. 

We will be holding a mini-outing June 13 on Amanda 28. The meeting will be held at noon on the claim. For those that do not know where the claim is, we will gather at the Miners Delight cemetery at 8:30 a.m.

Joyce R.  motioned to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned. 

AGAIN!!!! Lucky Jim B.  Won the 50/50 raffle. 

The usual club raffle was held after the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Hutchison (Secretary)

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