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Minutes of June Monthly Meeting
Wyoming Prospectors
June 13, 2009


Meeting was called to order at 1:04 at the Grubstake Restaurant in Atlantic City. Introductions were made.

Secretary Mary H. read the minutes of the last meeting. Jim motioned to accept and Les 2nd.

Deb P. read the treasurers report. Randy motioned to accept and Wayne 2nd. 

Committee Reports:
Claims - Jim mentioned that there is a new claim called the “Little Beaver Placer”

Reclamation - Randy reported that he had checked on Amanda 28 and we are getting some new growth in the reclaimed area. He reported that someone had been driving on it, so he put up fence to keep people out. 

Jim Lewis from the PLP (Public Lands for the People) sent a thank you for the $500.00 donation to their org.

RSVP cards for the outing are steadily coming in. It seems to be working well enough to use in the future. 

Deb reported her conversation with the accountant about new IRS rules and the addition needed for the By-Laws.

Old Business:
Les reported on the Heritage Center display mannequin. We can get a new flexible mannequin, 

but it won’t be available until August or September. By waiting we will save approximately half off of the old style. 

Scott has drawn up plans for the rocker box he is building for the display at the HC.

Randy has confirmed that we can get handicapped accessible potties, for the outing, that will be delivered and picked up from the site by the provider.

Les picked up a new tent enclosure from Menards for our outing at the direction of the Board.

Jim H. will check on prices of hats, shirts, and jackets for the club. 

We are still asking for more volunteers for the “Day in the Park” in Riverton on July 11, 2009.  

New Business:
Secretary Hutchison read the addition to the By-Laws about what would happen in the case of dissolution of the Club needed for IRS reporting. Les motioned to accept By-Law change and Randy 2nd. 

Jim Hinesly motioned to adjourn and Wayne 2nd. Meeting adjourned at 1:30.

50/50 raffle was won by Jim Rogers of Powell.

Respectfully submitted,
Secretary Mary Hutchison


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