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MEETING MINUTES   January 9, 2010

Call to order-by President Jacque Schmidt at 1:35 p.m.

Introduction- those present introduced them selves. Roll sheet passed around for those in attendance to sign.

Secretary-minutes-Minutes read by Secretary Kathi Parks. Corrections of Deb Palmer will not run for office next year as she feels that after 7 years it is time for others to take over.  Additional correction of motion withdrawn on the points system being yearly instead of motion passed. Motion made by Les Armstrong to accept minutes as corrected, seconded by Randy Hutchinson. Motion passed.

Correspondence-no correspondence to be presented.

Treasurer’s report- Bill presented from Kathi for postage and supplies. Joyce Raymond moved to pay the bill, Randy Hutchinson seconded the motion. Motion passed. Treasurer’s report read Joyce Raymond moved to accept the report as read, Jay Parks seconded the motion. Motion passed.

National News-none

Claims committee-no report

Reclamation committee-no report
Old Business-We need people to volunteer for the Outing committee. The outing is tentatively scheduled for the last weekend in June at Zanes. Committees needed are Food, Dirt, Power Plant, Grill, Metal Detector. Les is not available on that weekend. Deb suggested that we have everyone think about the needs and how everyone can volunteer to fill them. Discussion held about the outing dates. June 18, 19, 20 were suggested. It was felt that we need more input from all the members about the date to have the outing. It was decided to request members to voice there opinion about the outing dates at the next meeting. Jim Brines has brought a rocker box to the museum for the museum for our display. Discussion about the mannequin being available was held. Randy Hutchinson talked with the store manager about when we could get a mannequin. Randy measured the area we have for a display and thought getting others together to figure out a display would be a good idea. Members agreed this would be a good idea. Tip Top Embroidery was contacted by Jacque about the hats, coats, and shirts. Part of the order is done. It was decided to have a partial shipment and not wait for the complete order. Bob Lenart offered to bring the partial shipment over to Jacque. Jacque Schmidt and Bob Lenart will coordinate this exchange. Location of club items was discussed. The shaker table is at Zane Rogers’s cabin, covered to protect it. The trailer is at Zane’s as far as Les Armstrong knows. The cooker is located at Les Armstrong’s.  Minutes of the Board were read by Jacque Schmidt. It was decided by the board that each signature would be worth 1 point. Points will be awarded yearly. Points would be awarded to agent. It was discussed about keeping a notebook to track points. Using this would keep better track of the points each member has earned. It was decided to attach an explanation of the points system in the minutes. The points that had been accidently doubled. Deb Palmer is correcting the point totals. Please voluntarily return points to Deb. Robert Jones has corrected his amounts, Deb & Murray Palmer have corrected theirs. Others that have been contacted include Jacque, Randy, Eugene & Joyce. Randy Hutchinson, Deb & Murray Palmer have donated points to Robert Jones and Les Armstrong is also donating points to Robert. You can give away your points as long as you are a member. Agents can not take points from others on claims. A notebook for points will be kept by the President.

New Business- Bruce & Peggy have no packets, this will be looked into.

Next Meeting- March 13, 2010 at the Heritage Center. Pot Luck will start at noon, meeting will start at 1:00 p.m. Randy Hutchinson moved to donate the clubs half of the 50/50 raffle to the Heritage Center. Deb Palmer seconded the motion. Motion passed. The amount donated was $43.00 today.

Adjourn- Meeting was adjourned at 2:05 pm.

50/50- Raffle won by Jim Brines.

Raffle- Was held. 
Seth Boyer from Cokeville discussed gold/rock. He brought a sample for us to look at.

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