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Wyoming Prospectors Meeting
January 10, 2009

A pot luck lunch was served at 12:30 before the meeting began.  Thanks to everyone who supplied all of the delicious food. 
The meeting was called to order by President Jacque S. at 1:30 PM . 
Secretary Mary H. read the minutes of the last meeting.  Deb made a motion to accept the minutes as read.  Second by Keith B.  Deb P. raised a       concern about the availability of information when a meeting is cancelled.   If a meeting is to be cancelled, it is normally posted on the web site by 8:30 on the morning of the meeting.  If you do not have access to the internet or have any questions please call an officer. 
Treasurer Deb P. read the treasurer’s report.  Randy H. moved to accept with a second by John S.  Motion passed. 

No correspondence:

No claims report:
Reclamation Report: Randy stated that he has not purchased the seed yet, pending information on the seed mix 
needed from the BLM.  A discussion was held  about sources of seed.
Outing Report: The 2009 Club Outing will be held on private property on Rock Creek, near Atlantic City. This is the same site that we have used the past two years. The dates for the 2009 Outing will June 26, 27, and 28. 
Jacque asked for volunteers to manage all of those tasks needed to insure a successful Outing. 
Volunteers were as follows. 
Food: Mary H.
Drinks: Peggy G.
Cooker and Trailer: Les A.
Trash: Deb and Murray P.
Porta Potties:
Ore: Carl A. and Randy H.
Signs: Keith B.
Treasure Hunt: Keith and Les
Rosemary B. made a motion that the fee for non member participation for the dinner should be $15.00 per person.  A second was made by Joyce R.  Motion passed.
Peggy motioned that we need to divide the membership up by the alphabet for the purpose of bringing food to the pot luck dinner at the outing.   This was seconded by Rosemary.  Motion passed.    It was also discussed by Keith that it would help in planning the outing if members would RSVP if they are planning to attend the outing and also make note of any guests they may want to include.

Molly C. brought a packet of material that explains the process needed to apply for grant money that may be available to the Club for the purchase of a piece of property as a permanent home.  She stated that there are grants available for recreational activities for which we may qualify.
Jim H. reported that the printer cartridges can not be refilled.  It still may be cheaper to buy a new printer which includes cartridges than to buy new cartridges. 
The discussion about the membership cost for out of state members was continued from the last meeting.  It was motioned by Kim R. that the cost should remain at $150.00 for the initial membership but any renewal would drop to $50.00 per year.  The additional $100.00 from the first year should go to a reclamation fund.  Keith B  seconded.  Motion passed. 

Miners Grubstake in Atlantic City on March 14, 2009, 1:00 PM. 
Bruce motioned to adjourn.  Motion passed. 
Thomas M. won the 50/50 drawing
Club Raffle was held.
Respectfully Submitted;
Mary H.

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