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Monthly meeting of the Wyoming Prospectors Association on January 10, 2004 was held at the Big Noi in Lander WY and called to order at 3:30 PM by Vice President Keith Blair as the President was not available. 
     Officers present were Keith Blair, Deb Palmer, Bonny Hinesley and board member Randy Hutchison.
Keith suggested that all members introduce themselves as for there were a few new faces.
     Minutes from the previous meeting was read and was amended by changing the name of Rock Creek to be Strawberry Creek for the outing this coming year. A motion was made and seconded to approve as amended and put on file.
     Treasures report was read and accepted and put on file as read.

Committee Reports:
     There has not been a board meeting since June 2003 so one was scheduled to be held at Randy's residence on January 24, 2004. The address for the meeting is 200 Ramshorn Drive Riverton WY. 
     Les talked about the claim of LJG 1 and said that the paperwork has not been properly done so it will be pulled from the active claims list. Randy stated that he would check into this and see if we could re-file it and report on this at next meeting. Les will look into re-filing.
     Keith Blair made a report on the 4 wheeler and the status of the outstanding tickets. He stated that we have only sold enough tickets to break even. Some discussion was held as to how more ticket could be sold and it was stated that only a few individuals had really done the selling. It was decided to have the drawing at the next regular meeting now matter how many ticket are sold. Keith will get letters out to people with outstanding tickets in the next 2 weeks so we can have all tickets turned in at the time of the drawing. 
     There was some random discussion as to how many members we have now and it was stated that the last list was generated 09/20/03 so a current number was not available. Jim will contact Jerry and see if the list can be updated

New Business:
     Randy talked about leasing the property that the club has been looking into and reported that the owner was acceptable to the idea. She stated that she didn't want a lot of new roads built and was receptive to the idea of having a pond built on the property. The lease would be for a period of 5 years and would be $10.00/acre. At the end of the lease we would have to reclaim the land to make it as close to natural as possible. A committee of Randy, Jim and Les will get together and draw up the papers to proceed with this lease.
     Randy also brought up the Outdoor Show in Casper and there didn't seem to be much interest in doing it this year so the members made a motion to not participate this year.

Old Business:
     Randy brought up the discussion on T-shirts and caps and stated that our supplier had sold her business. It was stated that maybe she could still get the shirts at a discount but the caps will probably have to be re-negotiated with the new owner. It was suggested that Randy try to get 3 dozen of the shirts if we can still get a discount. There was some discussion about the logo and it was stated that the logo we have has a copy write. A motion was made, seconded and approved to have Randy proceed with the purchase of what we have made in the past if he can still get them at a discount.

     Jim read the E-mail that we had received through our web site. It was from several people inquiring about membership and state regulations on dredge size. He had also received a question about guideline 19 and if a letter of authorization had to be filled out to just pan. Jim also read his response to these letters.
     Jim also read the E-mail that he had received about 2 of our members passing away. They were Neal Wagner and Jim Hime. He had the obituary for Neal and passed it around the room for everyone to read. 
     Deb Palmer read the correspondence from the mail box which was from a member being in MT for the winter and would like his mail sent to his new address. He stated he would be back in the spring to continue prospecting in WY. He also had sent a check for tickets on the 4 wheeler raffle/Spiral Panner and for the raffle tickets after the normal meeting. Deb stated that she would take care of the raffle tickets for him and would keep his prizes until he returned this spring. 

     The next meeting will be March 13, 2004 and will be at the residence of Randy Hutchison at 200 Ramshorn Drive Riverton WY 82501 at 1:00PM. Randy will provide a map and directions to Jim so they can be mail out with the minutes so everyone can attend. 
    Being no more business to conduct the meeting was adjourned at 4:38 PM and the prize raffle was held. 
Prize winners were:
  Chuck Brackenbury.... Hand painted gold pan clock (donated by Bonny)
  Erie Willenbrecht....Loop.... Green 14"gold pan
  Randy Hutchison.... Vial of gold
  Dave Locker.... Bag of gold with sand
  Keith Blair.... WPA patch
  Kim Raymond.... Mercury dime
  Deb Palmer.... Map Scale.... WPA patch
  Les Armstrong.... Alaska gold picker
  Bill Willenbrecht.... Bag of gold with sand
  Tom Marchwick .... Green 14" gold pan
  June Locker.... Mercury dime
  Rosemary Blair.... Vial of gold
  Chuck Brackenbury.... Choice of Wyoming Prospectors Association ball cap

Congratulations and thanks to all for participating 

Respectfully submitted by
Bonny Hinesley (Secretary)

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