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Wyoming Prospectors Association
Minutes from August 9th, 2008
Amanda 28 Claim

President Jacque Schmidt called the meeting to order at 1:00 P.M.

Secretary Mary Hutchison read the minutes of the last meeting. 
Several corrections were made: 
                                       The minutes were amended to reflect that new officers were elected, not just nominated. 
                                                President: Jacque Schmidt,  Vice President: Jim Brines,
                                                Secretary: Mary Hutchison,  Treasurer: Deb Palmer
                                       The name of the 50/50 raffle winner was Bev Harris not Harrison as reported and 
                                             several typographical errors were also mentioned. 

Jim Hinesley motioned to accept the changes with a second from Joyce Raymond.  The motion was approved. 
Treasurer Deb Palmer gave the Treasurer’s report. Joyce Raymond moved to accept the report and Les Armstrong seconded.  Motion was approved. 

CORRESPONDENCE: - Deb reported on a letter from Jim Rutter.  He thanked the club for the get well card and said he is feeling well. 
Randy reported that he had spoken with Dot Barney.  Larry and Dot’s youngest son Daren passed away in early June.  A card will be sent to the family. 

     Claims Committee - Randy reported that he will be providing access to 2 new claims, in the Oregon Gulch Area.  Watch the web site for maps. Jim reminded smokers that all cigarette butts should be removed with other trash when leaving the area. 
     Reclamation Committee - Some of the work on Amanda 28 was done by hand during the work day but Carl Anderson stated that he would bring his back hoe over and dress the area up later in the year. 
     Day in the Park Committee: - Les Armstrong reported that Day in the Park was a success with plenty of help.  Thank you to all of those that gave their time. 

NATIONAL NEWS: Jim reported that the Lander BLM office has sent out a notice asking for referral of additional ACEC’s.  (Areas of critical environmental concern)  When the comment period begins we need to send letters informing them of our feelings.  Jim will post the address on the web site under news. 

OLD BUSINESS: Randy had been directed to research the cost to get a survey of Amanda 28.  Randy reported that the surveyor he contacted was no longer doing that type of work and referred him to another company.

NEW BUSINESS: The Board Members had discussed finding name tags with a clip on them for members to wear at meetings to aid in getting to know each other.  Randy moved to make a combination name tag/mining permit with a second by Les.  Motion passed. 

     Deb presented a bill from gold fever Equipment and Supply for raffle items.  Motion was made by Jim and seconded by Carl Anderson to pay the bill.  Motion was passed. 

     Board members had discussed sending a post card to new and renewing members to verify that they had received their packets.  Jim motioned to include a post card with a check list in the packets for members to return and Carl 2nd. This would insure that they have received all items. 

     Jim Hinesley is our new membership coordinator and he will be getting stamps through the Post office. 

     The next meeting will be held at Dickie Springs, in the meadow below the Mary D 1.  We will hold a mini outing at the new claims in the area and will be meeting at the Sweetwater rest area at 8:30 A.M. for those that do not know the way.  If you are not there by 9:00 you will be too late.  Jim has posted a map on the Web Site.  Bring your own food and drinks for the day. The claims are dry so bring your own water to process your material.

Kim moved to adjourn and Deb seconded the motion.  Meeting was adjourned at 2:30.
Jim Brines won the 50/50 drawing. 
We had a good club raffle. 

Respectfully submitted:      Mary Hutchison

Note added by Jim Hinesley
On the mailing label the top line is what I have in the records as your expiration date. If this is not correct please notify us at WPA PO Box 1269 Riverton, WY 82501 or email wypagold@wyoming.com and let us know.

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