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Wyoming Prospectors Association

P.O. Box 1269

Riverton, Wyoming 82501

April 9, 2016

Officers Present Absent Officers Present Absent
President: Jim Brines X   Treasurer: Deb Palmer X  
V. President: Janiece Robinson X   Secretary: Karen Schroeder X  


Date: April 9, 2016 Time: 1:10pm
Place: Church of Christ, Riverton, WY

Secretary read last month's meeting minutes. A motion was made and passed to accept
minutes as read. Treasurer read the financial report. A motion was made and passed to accept
the treasurer's report. Treasurer read correspondence received. A "Thank you" was received
from Eugene and Joyce for the sympathy card sent in memory of their grandson. Secretary
received correspondence via email from Everett E. (Gene) Gustin from Quantum Minerals, LLC a
mineral mining company regarding his company's efforts to fight the BLM and their land grab.
The documents were very lengthy so the secretary opted to not read them but rather pass them
around. More information regarding this correspondence will follow later.

Old business:
Penni Harden was not at this meeting but her husband Jimmy gave us an update on her
efforts to find small mining districts around Wyoming. Jimmy says she has sent correspondence
to several entities and she's just waiting to hear back. That information should arrive soon.
Randy Hutchison said that he's working on getting more information from Dan Hassel and
will report back with any information he does with whatever information he gets.
Les Armstrong mentioned that during a closer look at the back of the "blue book" (The
Geology of Wyoming's Precious Metal Lode and Placer Deposits) he counted 23-24 mining
districts listed. Chip Lansberry mentioned that seeking "Townships" might make the search a bit
easier since that's a term used back then. Jim Brines mentioned that the courthouse might have
some information we could use. It was suggested that he follow up with the club at our next
meeting with any information he could find out.

New business:
It was decided by the club through accepted motion, that we serve the meat we had last
year during this year's outing. Discussion about Pam from the Historical Society speaking at one
of our club meetings came up. Deb will follow up with Pam to find out when she'd be available
and then the club will decide from there. Mary Hutchison had been out of commission and so
had not had an opportunity to contact state reps or Liz Cheney about coming to speak at a club
meeting. She's doing better now and will follow through and report back at our next meeting. It
was suggested that perhaps if we do get a speaker for June's outing that we move dinner time
back to 3:30-4pm to accommodate if needed or do the raffle during dinner. Discussions will
continue at our next meeting.

The Green River Chamber of Commerce invited us back if we want to participate in the
River Walk held August 19-20. The club is still discussing this. If there are other Green River, Rock
Springs folks willing to help out, be sure to let one of the board members know or attend the next
meeting and join in on the conversation. A question came up what the deadline was to apply and
Deb said she find out and get back to the club. Riverton's Day in the Park held July 9th came up.
The club isn't sure we want to participate or not. Further discussion ongoing.
Randy mentioned and Deb read an article in the Mining Journal magazine regarding States
rights vs Federal rights. According the author of the article states rights preempt federal rights.
Next Meeting: M ay 14th @ 10 am breakfast at the Grubstake in Atlantic City with meeting to

Meeting Adjourned @: 2:10pm
Karen Schroeder, Secretary



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