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    Club Meeting held @: Grubstake                                                                                             

    Date & Time:  9/9/17  10:05am







    President: Glenn Lansberry Sr. 



    Treasurer: Penni Harden



    V. President: Jacque Schmidt



     Board Mem: Jim Brines



    Secretary: Paula Koon







    1. Introductions
    2. Secretary read last club meetings minutes Sandy Lansberry made motion to accept, Jimmy Harden seconded motion passed
    3. Treasurer gave financial report Jacque Schmidt made motion to accept, Rosemary Blair seconded motion passed
    4. Treasurer reads any correspondence received


    Old Business: Keith Blair submitted material reimbursement for the materials to repair the clubs trailer.

    Keith Blair also gave a report on the mining districts. He has been to the Denver Archives and Rock Springs.

    Discussion on the process of setting up a mining district. On a side note Scott Harn our speaker for the outing is the owner/editor of the Mining Journal.


    New Business: Discussion on doing something for Deb Palmer’s 14 years of service to the club. Les Armstrong made a suggestion of sending her 14 stink weeds and a $50.00 gift certificate.

    The Big Easy has been signed over to the club. Will follow with more details.


    Next Month’s Meeting:  Nov 11, 2017, Mitch’s Restaurant, Farson @ 11:00 lunch, 12:00 meeting, please RSVP by Wednesday Nov 8th ,  Paula Koon 307-212-0080. Please note if dining all meals are dutch.



    Meeting Adjourned:  10:59, with Keith Blair making motion to close, Jimmy Harden seconded motion passed

    50/50 Raffle: Congratulations Janiece Robinson



    Addendum: The Board has received Glenn Lansberry’s letter of resignation as President of the WPA. Jacque Schmidt is acting President as of now. Keep in mind we will be having an election for either/or President or Vice President at the Nov. meeting.


    Submitted by : Paula Koon Secretary