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    Minutes for meeting held on May 14, 2022          Location: Miners Grubstake, Atlantic City
    The Meeting was called to Order at 10:08 AM.
    Officers Present were Jim Brines President, Shawn Raymond Vice President, Joyce Raymond Secretary, Jacque Stoldt Treasurer, Deb Palmer Board Member.
    Introductions: 24 members and one visitor.
    Reading of Minutes of the April 14th meeting. Joyce Raymond read the minutes. Paula Jones made a motion to accept the minutes as read seconded by Shawn Raymond and the motion passed.
    Correspondence: A notice from the U.S. Postal Service. The Box rent is due.
    Treasurers Report: Jacque Stoldt read the report. Paula Jones made a motion to accept the report. The motion was seconded by Keith Blair. The motion passed.
    Committee Reports: Joyce Raymond reported that the Fire Extinguishers need to be checked and recertified.  Les Armstrong will take both in for servicing
    .After a discussion on items in the First Aid Kit it was decided to purchase a new one. Jacque Stoldt said she will pick up a new kit
    Jim Brines reported that the Mosquito Fogger had quit working last year and needs to be replaced.
    Keith Blair requested to use the Power Auger this summer. He will pick it up at the Annual Outing.
    Discussion on the Outing. Rich Smith made a motion to have Beef and Pork Roasts, Jacque Stoldt seconded and the motion passed.
    Randy Hutchison made a motion to have Hamburgers and Hot Dogs as well, seconded by Deb Palmer and the motion passed.
    Randy Hutchison volunteered to Cook Pancakes and Sausage Sunday morning.
    Joyce Raymond reported that the Porta-Pots were ordered.
    Shawn Raymond made a motion to set up Tents and haul dirt Friday, June 24th. Jacque Stoldt seconded the motion and the motion passed.
    There was some discussion on the items for the Raffles. It was decided to get a small hand dump Wagon, a Deep Seat Garden Kneeler and a set of Classifier Screens for the Main Raffle. Les Armstrong will order the Classifiers and the Garden Seat, John Farr will see about getting the Wagon for the Raffle, roofing for the Trailer, and a Mosquito Fogger.
    Rich Smith said he has access to an AED that we can have Onsite in case we need it..
    Shawn Raymond made a motion for members to have their RSVP for the Annual Outing in by the June Meeting so we can get the meat ordered. Seconded by Rich Smith and the motion passed.
    The Annual Outing will be held June 24th, 25th, and 26th on the Private Property next to the Bridge Buster Claim.
    The next Meeting will be June 11, 2022 at the Grub Stake in Atlantic City.
    No Host Breakfast at 9:00 AM, Meeting to follow at 10:00 AM
    Do Not Forget to pay for your Breakfast.
    Attention all Members!! If you plan on being there for the Saturday evening Pot Luck meal please contact Joyce Raymond at 307-856-0151 or Jacque Stoldt at 307-333-3061, or email at wpagold@wyoming.com and let them know. We need a head count so we can order the meat for the dinner. If you do not let them know you will not get any meat.
    The Meeting was adjourned at 11:07 AM.
    Joyce Raymond Secretary