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    Club Meeting held @: Grubstake                                                                                          

    Date & Time:  5/12/18 9:41







    President: Jim Brines 



    Treasurer: Penni Harden



    V. President: Jacque Schmidt



     Board Member: Deb Palmer



    Secretary: Paula Koon







    1. Introductions were made, and we had 29 in attendance
    2. Paula Koon read last club meetings minutes Deb Palmer made motion to accept minutes as read, Penni Harden Seconded, vote taken motion passed.
    3. Penni Harden gave the financial report, Paula Jones made motion to accept report, Deb Palmer seconded vote taken motion passed.
    4. Paula Koon read correspondence received: Atlantic City Historical Society sent a letter stating they’re having a Snowbird Carry-in dinner on May 19th at 6pm at the Miner’s Delight. This is also to spring board their 150th anniversary celebration.


    Old Business: The annual outing will be held at the Bridge Buster, again this year. Thank you Mr.Bixler for the use of it. As of right now we have 18 members wanting to go on the Clarissa tour in Aug. Chip Lansberry has received the Gold Districts of Wyoming, books for the club, you can purchase them from Penni Harden for $15 each.


    New Business:  We will be having, metal detecting, for the adults and the kids, panning for kids and adults. We will be needing volunteers with the set-up on Friday and the tear down on Sunday. Please contact Penni Harden @ 307-362-1312 to volunteer. We will also be having our elections at our outing in June so please think of anyone you would like to nominate for the positions. Guest of the members can participate for the weekend for $15 with the Sat. meal included, or just have the Sat meal for $5. Deb Palmer made the motion to raise the treasurers limit from $200 to $300 (to pay bills or make purchases for the club without a club vote), Jacque Schmidt seconded, vote taken, motion passed. Randy Hutchison made the suggestion that the board review the by-laws about being present for nominations for the elections, and or any other changes needing to be made. Then bring to club for a discussion at the next meeting, with the final vote to be at the annual meeting.

    We would also like to inform the club that we have 120 members and spouses, in which 29 of those are lifetime members, we have had 12 new or returning members in 2018.


    Next Month’s Meeting:  June 9that 9am at the South Pass rest area for a mini outing, to get our dirt for the annual outing. Please bring a sack lunch and drinks, for you and yours. Bring buckets and shovels and if wanted chairs.


    Meeting Adjourned:  10:40 am

    Raffle 50/50: Congrats to Richard Smith

    Addendum: Please fill out your WPA Mining Reports to Randy Hutchinson (which are available on the WPA website). We will have them also at the outing as Randy will have a table set up for this.


    Submitted by Paula Koon, Secretary