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    Club Meeting held @: Grubstake, Atlantic City                                                                     

    Date & Time:  May 13th,2017 1:10pm







    President: Glenn Lansberry Sr. 



    Treasurer: Deb Palmer



    V. President: Janiece Robinson



     Board Member: Jim Brines



    Secretary: Paula Koon







    1. Introductions were made
    2. Secretary read last club meetings minutes, Paula Jones made the motion to accept minutes with the corrections of Robert Jones and Chip Lansberry were also at the meeting with Glenn Lansberry and Carl Anderson. Kim Raymond seconded, motion passed.
    3. Treasurer gives financial report: Rosemary Blair made motion to accept treasurers report, Paula Jones seconded, motion passed. Treasurer wrote a check for $678.30 for raffle items for the outing, vote was taken, motion passed.
    4. Treasurer reads any correspondence received, Atlantic City Historical Society asking for a donation to help with their sequential, Mary Hutchison made the motion to send them an additional $100.00 to help with their sequential, Jimmy Harden seconded, vote was taken, motion passed


    Old Business: Carl Anderson was able to make contact with Mr. Healey, it has been okayed for the club to have our annual meet at the Bridge Buster again.

      Chip Lansberry has been able to access a couple of the clubs claims. (Dickie Springs, Moya G.)

    Chip Lansberry has several different documents concerning the mining districts from the 1800’s. Discussions were made about setting up mining districts, and what that entails. He was telling us about his different research on the Sagebrush Focal Withdrawl, the mining districts.


      New Business: Randy Hutchison brought up the suggestion of having the lines of the Bridge Buster surveyed. Deb Palmer made the motion for Randy Hutchison to gather more info on the survey, Rosemary Blair seconded, motion passed.

    For guests of club members the cost for the outing is $5 for the dinner, $10 to dig and participate in the various activities, total of $15, per person. The meat will be provided, just please bring a covered dish.

    Please keep in mind several officers will be stepping down, elections will take place at our annual outing in June 23-25, 2017.Scott Harn from the MMAC will be speaking at our outing, and will be available for questions.



     Next Month’s Meeting: Grubstake, Atlantic City, June 10th, meal at 10:00 meeting to follow at 11:00, please RSVP to either Deb Palmer at 307-857-6179 or Janeice Robinson at 307-856-1208, by Wednesday the 7th.






    Meeting Adjourned:  At 2:34pm with Rosemary Blair making the motion to close, Jimmy Harden seconded, meeting closed.


    Raffle: Congratulations to Paula Koon on winning the 50/50


    Please keep Jacque Schmidt in your thoughts and prayers as she will be going in for hip replacement surgery on May 24th. Get well soon Jacque.



    Addendum: The Becky 1 and the Moya G is no longer available to the club members.