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    Minutes for meeting held on June 25, 2022           Location: Big Atlantic Gulch

    The Meeting was called to order at 6:51 PM
    Officers Present: President Jim Brines, Vice President Shawn Raymond, Secretary Joyce Raymond, Treasurer Jaque Stoldt, Board Member Deb Palmer.
    Introductions: Approximately 54 Members and guests were present.
    Reading the minutes of the last meeting: The Secretary Joyce Raymond read the minutes of the meeting held on June 11, 2022. Kim Raymond made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Shawn Raymond. The motion passed.
    Treasurers Report: Jacque Stoldt read the Treasurers Report. Shawn Raymond made a motion to accept the report as read. Seconded by Deb Palmer and the motion passed.
    Randy Hutchinson reported that Scott Harns from “The California Miners Journal” is retiring. He also recommended that we  send a thank you card to Mr. Bixler for the use of his Property. Note: a hand written card was made out and given to Randy to put the mailing address on and mail it for the WPA.
    Les Armstrong reported the thank you to Mr. Hays for donating the recertification of the Fire Extinguishers has been delivered.
    Roger Bower thanked Les Armstrong for placing the WPA signs on the roadways directing attending members to the location of the Annual Outing.
    Deb Palmer reported there was left-over meat for Sunday lunch.
    Two New Members share the honors for having traveled the furthest to attend our Annual Outing, Terry from Nebraska and Bill from New Mexico.
    Josh Hebert made a motion to do a three month trial on Face Book to promote the WPA seconded by Will Stoldt and the motion passed.
    Election of Officers:
    President- no nomination.
    Vice President- Shawn Raymond nominated by Kim Raymond – elected by acclamation.
    Secretary- no nomination.
    Treasurer- Jaque Stoldt nominated by Shawn Raymond- elected by acclamation.
    Following a lengthily discussion and no one volunteering President Jim Brines and Secretary Joyce Raymond agreed to remain in office for one more term. Both were elected by acclamation. 

    The next meeting will be on August13, 2022
    Meet at the turn off to Atlantic City across from the WYDOT buildings where the Grader is parked at 9:00 AM.
    Bring your Lunch.  There may not be any water so bring some with you. Bring what you will need for Prospecting equipment and tools.

    Joyce Raymond Secretary