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    Club Meeting held @: Bridge Buster                                                                                     

    Date & Time:  6/23/2018 6:15pm







    President: Jim Brines 



    Treasurer: Penni Harden



    V. President: Jacque Schmidt



     Board Member: Deb Palmer



    Secretary: Paula Koon







    1. Introductions were made and we had 45 members present and several guests.
    2. Secretary read last club meetings minutes, Paula Jones made motion to accept minutes as read, Michelle Greennough seconded, vote taken motion passed.
    3. Treasurer gave financial report: Jacque Schmidt made motion to accept report as given, Deb Palmer seconded, vote taken motion passed
    4. Treasurer read any correspondence received (no new correspondence)


    Old Business: The club has made transfered money from savings to checking for the purchase of the Mary D 1, from Randy Hutchison. The tour of the Clarissa Mine has been postponed, but will be announced when rescheduled.



    New Business:  Jacque Schmidt made the nomination of Jim Brines for President, Paula Koon seconded, Jim Brines accepted the nomination for President, vote taken Jim Brines is still our President.

    Vice President: Jacque Schmidt has stepped down. No one accepted nomination for Vice President. We need someone to step forward please.

    Secretary: Penni Harden made motion to retain Paula Koon as secretary, Deb Palmer seconded, Paula Koon accepted nomination for secretary, vote taken, Paula Koon is still our Secretary.

    Treasurer: Jacque Schmidt made motion for Penni Harden to stay as Treasurer, Deb Palmer Seconded, Penni Harden accepted nomination, vote taken, Penni Harden is still our Treasurer.



    Next Month’s Meeting: Aug 11, 2018, At the Mary D 1 for a mini outing, will meet at the South Pass rest area at 9:00 am, then will head to the Mary D 1. Please bring a sack lunch, drinks and chairs. Mining equipment.


    Meeting Adjourned:  6:41 pm Jacque Schmidt made motion to adjourn, Deb Palmer seconded, Meeting adjourned

    Raffle Congrats to Joe Stewart on the 50/50 win.






    The metal Detecting winners are:


    1.Sage Fitzgerald

    2.Declan  Hutchison



    1. Jim Brines
    2. Cortney Raymond
    3. Sean Raymond


    Want to give a shout out to Jacque Schmidt for the kids gold donation:

    1.Kyrah  Robidoux

    2. Ellie Robidoux

    3. Brayley Robidoux

    4. Taylor Robidoux

    5. Declan Hutchison

    6. Moya Hutchison

    7. Sage Fitzgerald   


    Gold Panning winners:

    1. Aaron Raymond    
    2. Joe Stewart



    FYI: There was a beautiful gold specimen found at our outing wish you could’ve seen it. The finder was dancing a jig over it.


    Want to thank everyone who helped in the set-up and tear-down, and all who braved the weather to make this year a fantastic outing. Wish all could have been here.


    Submitted by:

    Paula Koon