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    Minutes from Club Meeting held @ Annual Outing, Bridge Buster Claim                                    25 June 2016

    Meeting @ 7pm







    President: Jim Brines.



    Treasurer: Deb Palmer



    V. President: Janiece Robinson






    Secretary: Karen Schroeder






    Secretary read last meetings' minutes. A motion was made to accept minutes as read. Motion was accepted. Treasurer read the financial report. A motion was made to accept the report. Motion was accepted. No correspondence was received. Pam Hockett from the Historical Society came to the outing and spoke to the club. Tons of interesting and colorful mining history about the area was shared. Thank you Pam for your time and effort!

    OLD BUSINESS: Chip Lansberry reported to the club that he heard back from Representative Blake. He is planning on coming to our August club meeting. Chip shared his efforts trying to get a hold of a human being at the National Archives, he got quite the run around. He'll keep working on it and will report back.

    Glenn Lansberry Sr. reminded the club of the Green River Walk happening August 19th-20th. If you would be willing to volunteer a little time and help out, please get a hold of a board member and we'll pass your information along to him. Glenn can give you a rundown on campgrounds and hotels/motels in the area that would be best.

    NEW BUSINESS: **Thank you to Mike O'Connor who donated vials of gold for the 17 & Younger Gold Nugget Drawing** A reminder, please be sure to turn in your miner's reports. They will be needed for required assessments. Here are the results from the various contests:

    17 & Younger **Gold Nugget** Drawing Winners:

    Logan Lain                          Morgan Lain

    Trevor Lansberry                  Brayton Terry

    Courtney Raymond

    Gold Panning:

    1st place: Randy Hutchison

    2nd place: Joe Stewart

    3rd place: John Hall

    Adult Metal Detecting:

    1st place: Kim Raymond

    2nd place: Paula Jones (tied) 2nd place: Keith Blair (tied)

    Kids Metal Detecting:

    1st place Hayden Kisling

    10.96 seconds

    13.75 seconds

    14.18 seconds



    36 coins


    14 coins


    14 coins

    Bucket Handles

    36 coins

    3 gold coins

    Kids Metal Detecting continued:



    2nd place: Shawn Raymond

    19 coins

    2 gold coins

    3rd place: James Sinnett

    13 coins

    1 gold coin

    New Board Member nominations and vote results:


    Glenn Lansberry Sr.

    Vice President

           Janiece Robinson         


    Deb Palmer with Penni Hardin training for the position next year.


    Tim Koon with his wife Paula covering when he is unavailable

    Thank you to all our departing officers for all their hard work and sacrifice! Welcome to our new officers! At least 80 people attended the outing. Fun was had by all. Awesome food. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped setup, tear down and clean up, your help makes this event a great success! Thank you to the bucket brigade for providing even more material to process for the outing. You know who you are.

    Next Meeting: 13 August 2016 @ The Grubstake in Atlantic City, 9am breakfast with meeting to follow. ATTENTION: If you plan to eat breakfast please RSVP Janiece at: 307.856.1208 or Deb at: 307.857.6179 by Thursday, August 1 Ith. Thank you!

    Meeting adjourned: 8:13pm

    Karen Schroeder, Secretary