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    Association Meeting held: " On the Mountain" 9:55 AM
    Date and time: June 8, 2019 at 9:55AM

    Officers Present Absent Officers Present Absent


    Jim Brines



    Penni Harden


    V. Pres. Kathy Irvin


    Board Member

    Deb. Palmer



    Paula Koon


    Minutes: recorded by Joyce Raymond acting Secretary.
    Introduction of Members: 21 members and 2 guests were present.
    Minutes of the May 11,2019 meeting were read. Motion by Deb. Palmer to accept minutes as
    read, seconded by Les Armstrong and the motion passed.
    Treasurers Report given. Motion to accept made by Les Armstrong, seconded by Deb Palmer
    and the motion passed.
    Correspondence: Thank you card from Chip and Misty Lansberry.
    Old Business: Annual Outing was discussed. The Private Property we have been camping on is
    in the process of being sold so we have been in the process of finding another location.
    Randy Hutchison has located some property on Rock Creek down stream from Atlantic City,
    (where we held an outing a few years ago). This property is behind a locked gate so we will
    to coordinate our time for preparations with him. Jim Brines volunteered to head up the Metal
    Detecting this year.
    The Annual Outing will be on Rock Creek, June 28'h, 29th and the 30'\ 2019.
    Dinner will be at 5:00. Sat. the 29th • Meat will be fumished by WPA. Bring your favorite dish
    for the Pot Luck Carry- in portion of the meal.
    The Meeting will follow Dinner. Election of Officers for the coming year so have your
    nominations in mind (ask the individuals if they are interested in taking the office before the
    meeting). Read the Duties of Officers in the By Laws. Remember you can not own any claim
    during your time in office, if you own any claims you will have to sign them over to someone
    until your term in office is over.
    Randy Hutchison also spoke about an article in the Mining Journal on Rare Earth Minerals. It
    seems that China has the market locked up as they produce 90% of the Rare Earth Minerals on
    the market while only having 37% of the known World Wide reserves. The United States has
    more reserves but the cost of production is higher. Go to www.icmi.com for more information.
    Robert and Paula Jones came into the meeting, arriving a little late, but they brought a wonderful
    surprise with them. Paula came in first then Chip and Misty Lansberry came in. It was great to
    see them at our meeting again. Welcome back Chip and Misty.
    Penni Harden requested we set a dollar amount for the Annual Outing so she could issue checks
    to pay bills in excess of the existing $300. Limit. Discussion followed. Deb Palmer made a
    motion to allow a $2000 allocation for expenses, excluding the item's for the Raffles already
    New Business: Randy Hutchison stated that the Mary D-4 is no longer available to the WPA.
    The ownership has changed.
    Claims owned by the Wyoming Prospectors Association are: Amanda 28, Messy Soup, Mud Pie,
    Bridge Buster, Big Easy, Amanda 26, Mary D-l, and the Common Wealth.
    Claims we have permission to prospect on: South half of Lucky 4 us, Mary D-5 and Moya G.
    Penni Harden made a motion to have Richard Smith show members the location of the Claims.
    Les Armstrong seconded and the motion passed.
    Kathy Irvin won the 50-50 drawing.
    Meeting adjourned at 11 :20 AM
    Joyce Raymond acting Secretary