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    Minutes for meeting held on Jan. 14, 2023                            Location: Wind River Heritage Center
    The meeting was called to order at 12:53 PM with 16 members present.
    Officers Present: President Jim Brines, Vice President Shawn Raymond, Secretary Joyce Raymond, Treasurer Jacque Stoldt and Board member Deb Palmer.
    The Secretary read the minutes for the meeting of Nov. 12, 2022. Shawn Raymond made a motion to accept the minutes as read. The motion was seconded by Les Armstrong and the motion passed.
    The Mining Journal was the only correspondence.
    The Treasurers report was given by Jacque Stoldt. Shawn Raymond made a motion to accept the report as read. The motion was seconded by Micah Parrish and the motion passed.
    After a discussion on the treasurers report Les Armstrong made a motion to maintain the checking account at $3000.00. All monies in excess of $3000.00 is to go into savings. Deb Palmer seconded the motion and the motion passed.
    Randy Hutchison gave a report on an article in the Mining Journal about Reclamation dredging.
    It was suggested that everyone watch for any small acreages around South Pass or Atlantic City area that is For Sale that the WPA could possibly purchase.
    Randy Hutchison is still trying to find more information on starting a mining district.
    After a discussion on the Association Store Inventory of coats, sweatshirts, hats and vests it was decided we need to buy more. Jacque Stoldt has the list and sizes needed.
    The next meeting will be March 11,2023 at the Wind River Heritage Center.
    Pot Luck Lunch at 12:00 Noon
    Meeting will start at 1:00 PM
    Meeting adjourned at 1:52 PM

    Joyce Raymond Secretary