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    Club Meeting held @: Grubstake Atlantic City                                                     

    Date & Time:  4/14/2018 @ 10:01am







    President: Jim Brines



    Treasurer: Penni Harden



    V. President: Jacque Schmidt



     Board Member: Deb Palmer



    Secretary: Paula Koon







    1. Introductions were made, we had 20 in attendance.
    2. Paula Koon read last club meetings minutes Joyce Raymond made motion to accept minutes as read, Randy Hutchison seconded, vote taken motion passed
    3. Penni Harden gave financial report. Jacque Schmidt made motion to accept, Joyce Raymond seconded, vote taken motion passed
    4. Paula Koon read correspondence received: we received Thank You letters from The Wind River Heritage Museum for our donation. We also received a thank you from Capt Falken of the Civil Air Patrol. In which he and his family also joined the club. We had11 new members sign up, 11 renewals by mail.


    Old Business: Chip Lansberry updated us on the books he has received on the mining districts. Deb Palmer made the motion of Chip Lansberry getting at least 15 copies of Gold Districts of Wyoming, to sell to the club members. Randy Hutchison has talked to Carl Anderson about the Bridge Buster for the outing, it is still under review.

    New Business: We had Pam Hockett of the Atlantic City Historical Society as a guest speaker. She had a lot of information on the Atlantic City 150th anniversary event, they are having July 5-6, 2018. Deb Palmer made a motion to set up a booth for the event in Atlantic City, Mary Hutchison seconded, vote taken motion passed. Volunteers may speak with Deb Palmer next meeting. We will need volunteers for that time frame. The South Pass Gold Rush Days will be July 7th-8th. The club is trying to set up club tours of the Clarissa, dates and times to follow, it will be RSVP only, if interested please talk to Paula Koon. Mary Hutchison made motion to raise Treasurers limit from $200 to $300 to pay club bills, Jacque Schmidt seconded, vote taken motion passed. The budget for the outing was brought up, we had $2500 for last year. Janiece Robinson made the motion of increasing the amount to $3000, Tim Koon seconded, vote taken motion passed. The Riverton Fire Dept. has asked to use the clubs cooker. Randy made motion to let them, Deb Palmer seconded, vote taken motion passed.

    Next Month’s Meeting: May 12th @ Grubstake, Atlantic City 9:00 am breakfast, 10:00 am meeting. Please Rsvp Paula at 307-212-0080. (So we can give Laurel at head count.) by Wednesday the 9th

    Meeting Adjourned:  @ 11:26am

    50/50 Raffle: Congrats Once again Jacque Schmidt

    Submitted by: Paula Koon secretary