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    Minutes for April 09, 2022                             Location: Wind River Heritage Center
    The meeting was called to order at 12:59 PM.
    Officers present: Jim Brines President, Shawn Raymond Vice President, Joyce Raymond Secretary, Jacque Stoldt Treasurer, Board member Deb Palmer.
     Introductions: 12 members, 1 visitor. 1 member on zoom.
    Minutes: The Secretary read the minutes of the March 12, 2022 meeting. Les Armstrong made a motion to accept the minutes as read, motion seconded by Shawn Raymond and the motion passed.
    Correspondence: a letter from Public Lands for The People notice that our dues are due and there is 100 tickets for their Raffles. Deb Palmer made a motion to pay the WPA membership to the PLP and for WPA to buy the tickets, Chip Lansberry seconded and the motion passed.
    Jacque Stoldt reported that the Mining Journal had some articles that members may be interested in. One was the Supreme Court review of Sackett VS EPA that challenges the definition of Waters of the United States, another is BLM is moving all but a very select few of the BLM offices back to Washington D.C. The third article was on cancellation of Minnesota Mining Leases under control of the Biden Administration.
    Treasurers Report: Jacque Stoldt read the report. Deb Palmer moved to accept the Report. Les Armstrong seconded the motion, The motion passed.
    Jacque Stoldt reported that Travis Becker was not available to attend our meeting.
    Rick Smith reported he may be able to get an AED (Automatic Electronic Defibulater) for the WPA.
    The Fire Extinguishers in the trailer were discussed. They need to be checked before the Outing.
    After some discussion on the RSVP motion that was passed at the last meeting and the cost of Postage and the fact that in the past very few were returned, Jacque Stoldt made a motion that we sit aside the previous RSVP motion and put an advisory in the minutes of this meeting instead. Deb Palmer seconded the motion and the motion passed.
    The Annual Outing was discussed. Les Armstrong will bring the Cooker and the Ice up. Jacque Stoldt will take the WPA Trailer up.

    Attention all Members!! If you plan on being there for the Saturday evening Pot Luck meal please contact Joyce Raymond at 307-856-0151 or Jacque Stoldt at 307-333-3061, or email at wpagold@wyoming.com and let them know. We need a head count so we can order the meat for the dinner. If you do not let them know you will not get any meat.

    The next meeting is at the Miners Grub Stake in Atlantic City.
    There will be a No Host Breakfast at 9:00 AM the Meeting will follow at 10:00 AM.
    Please do not forget to pay for your breakfast before you leave.

    Joyce Raymond  Secretary