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    Wyoming Prospectors Association ~ P.O. Box 1269 ~ Riverton, WY 82501


    Club Meeting held @: Heritage Museum, Riverton                                            

    Date & Time:  4-8-17 1:00pm









    President: Glenn Lansberry Sr. 



    Treasurer: Deb Palmer



    V. President: Janiece Robinson



     Board Member: Jim Brines



    Secretary: Paula Koon








    Introductions were made and would like to welcome new member Georgia Moody

    Secretary read last club meetings minutes, a correction was made to state help the public lands for the mining districts. Sandy Lansberry made motion to accept with corrections, Les Armstrong seconded motion passed

    Treasurer gives financial report , Chip Lansberry made motion to accept, Randy Hutchison seconded, motion passed.

    Treasurer reads any correspondence received: Thank you from the Salvation Army for our donation, The Atlantic City Historical Society in regards to their sequential in 2018, A letter from Don Jones telling us that the Becky 1 is no longer available to the WPA club, Thank you Richard Buss for the letter from Senator Brasso.


    Old Business:  Randy Hutchison has been in contact with Scott Harn from the MMAC, they have worked out the cost for Scott to come to our outing in June. Penni Harden made motion to set a $1200.00 budget.Mary Hutchison seconded the motion. Vote taken Motion passed.

       The MMAC sent representatives to Washington D.C. and received a great welcome, they took a 20 page bill and are currently on the 42nd revision, they have also had advanced meetings with Sen. Gosar from AZ Randy Hutchison read the article from the current Mining Journal.

       Penni Harden has more info on the Sagebrush Focal Withdrawl areas, if you have questions about it you can ask her at the meeting.



    New Business: Glenn Lasnberry and Carl Anderson had a meeting about the BLM in which Carl Anderson hasn’t received any correspondence from the BLM.

       Putting a notice in the Mining Journal about the WPA’s annual outing was brought up by Randy Hutchison, no vote taken.

    Chip Lansberry has been doing research on the mining districts: ie in 1848 the Dakota Territory/ Carter Co. districts went to the Lincoln Co. mining district in 1865, they had the first meeting on Beaver Creek, then to the Sweetwater District in 1868.

       Randy Hutchison volunteered to write up a plan for the reclamation at the Bridge Buster.

       We have dirt for the annual outing June 23-25, but unfortunately we can’t use any machinery to move this dirt until July 1st  which will be after our outing,so we will need volunteers for a bucket brigade, to move it to a trailer to haul to our outing site.




     Next Month’s Meeting: May 13th  at the Grubstake , Atlantic City, lunch at 12:00, meeting to follow. Please RSVP by Thursday May 11th, Deb Palmer at 307-857-6179 or Janiece Robinson at 307-856-1208


     Meeting Adjourned: 2:13 pm with Deb Palmer making the motion to close meeting, Larry Noble seconded.


    Raffle : Congratulations to Joe Stewart on winning the 50/50 drawing