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    Next Meeting

    May 11, 2024

    Miner’s Grubstake in Atlantic City

    Breakfast will be available for $14.00 per person if you would like to eat. We will meet at 9:00 am for breakfast, and begin the meeting when we finish eating, around 10:00. 

    After the meeting, there will be an outing to start replacing claim corner posts. If you can help, we would really appreciate it! Thank you!




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    Gold Price

    Want to learn how to pan for gold,

    Want to find your own gold.

    Gold prospecting is a fantastic often overlooked experience.



    Joining the WPA is a great way to learn about gold mining and prospecting. Whether you are a veteran (sourdough), or new to gold mining (tinhorn) Our club has something for everyone. We have outings and participate in conventions and shows to further promote our club and prospecting and small mining as a whole. Our club is a great place to learn the basics. We also have access to claims which even veteran prospectors would appreciate. So whether you are a tinhorn or a sourdough we welcome you with open arms.



    Wyoming gold

    There is a lot of gold left in Wyoming since in the past during the gold rushes (1800 and 1930) Wyoming was too wild and inhospitable for large mining efforts to be undertaken. Tens of thousands or millions of miners worked the mining districts in states like Colorado, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota and others. But because at that time there was absolutely no easy access to Wyoming gold areas only a few very hardy prospectors ever even put pick and shovel to the ground. The few mining operations that did operate did extremely well finding huge amounts of gold. Most of the ground remains virgin, yes I said virgin. Unlike other states where you have to search to find virgin gold ground and are stuck reworking tailings, Wyoming is just opposite you would have to search to find old tailings to work since almost all of the ground is virgin. Extensive geological studies have been done and estimate ,in the greater South Pass area alone, somewhere between 100,000,000 to 200,000,000+ ounces of gold are in the ground waiting to be mined.


    The Wyoming Prospecting Association is not affiliated with the GPAA ( Gold Prospectors Association of America ) but several of our members also belong to the GPAA and we enjoy working with GPAA members to help them find the GPAA claims in Wyoming. If you are a GPAA member in or close to Wyoming join our club to give you even greater access to Wyoming gold claims. Some of our gold claims are located near or a short drive from the GPAA claims. 




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