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    Wyoming Prospectors Association ~ P.O. Box 1269 ~ Riverton, WY 82501


    Club Meeting held @: Bridge Buster Annual Outing                                                             

    Date & Time:  6/24/2017 6pm







    President: Glenn Lansberry Sr. 



    Treasurer: Deb Palmer



    V. President: Janiece Robinson



     Board Member: Jim Brines



    Secretary: Paula Koon







    1. Introductions were made and welcome to our guest and new members total attending 77, with 5 renewals, 3 new, and 2 out of state memberships
    2. Secretary read last club meeting minutes, Kim Raymond made motion to accept, Jim Brines seconded motion passed.
    3. Treasurer gave financial report, Paula Jones made motion to accept, Chip Lansberry seconded motion passed.
    4. Treasurer read any correspondence received: Esther Buss sent us a thank you card for the well wishes


    Old Business: Scott Harn refused with great appreciation  reimbursement from the club, Randy Hutchison made motion to donate the money, already set aside to reimburse Scott for his trip to our meeting, to the MMAC, Joyce Raymond seconded, vote taken motion passed.



    New Business: To make donations to Randy Hutchison, Les Armstrong and Robert Jones for the fuel and wear and tear of their trucks and equipment to move dirt for the outing. Kim Raymond made motion to donate, with the Board deciding the amounts, Rosemary Blair seconded motion passed.


    Roof repairs on the club trailer was discussed as the roof hatch and the front needs repairs, Keith Blair said materials for the repair will be about $200.00 with Jim Brines assisting with repairs.


    Deb Palmer made the motion that the club needs to reimburse Chip Lansberry for the cost of paper and time for all the work he has done on the mining districts, Randy Hutchison made motion to accept and Les Armstrong seconded.


    We had elections for the board members New and returning members are as follows:

    President: Glenn Lansberry Sr., was nominated by Randy Hutchison, won by acclamation

    Vice President: Jim Shirey, was nominated by Sandy Lansberry, won by acclamation

    Secretary: Paula Koon, was nominated by Glenn Lansberry won by acclamation

    Treasurer: Penni Harden, nominated by Glenn Lansberry, won by acclamation

    Randy Hutchison made motion to close nominations and Rosemary Blair seconded.

    All were positions were accepted and voted in.


    Scott Harn, owner/editor of the ICMJ Prospecting and Mining Journal, made a presentation about the mining districts and how they have been helping to set up the districts in various states. The mining districts not only help the miners, but also the sportsman and the ranchers. It aides in getting roads and such reopened with no civil liability. He also said the various mining districts and the BLM will be the only agencies dealing with the mining. The MMAC has assisted in setting up 56 mining districts across the country.

     All of us at the WPA would like to thank Scott Harn and his daughter Rylee for making the trip from California to come to our meeting and speak.



    Next month meeting: Miner's Grubstake Atlantic City August 12, 9 am for breakfast, the meeting to follow at 10 am. RSVP PLEASE Paula 307-212-0169 OR DENISE 307-856-1208 BY AUG. 9th


    Meeting Adjourned:  8:45pm

    Raffle: 50/50 Les Armstrong


    The winners at the outing are as follows:

    Hammock: Paula Koon

    Wagon/Cart: Misty Lansberry

    Panning Stool: Chip Lansberry

    Pick Axe: Brent Wearne

    Cyclone Panner: Christa Maddock

    Gold Scale: Christa Maddock

    Gold specimen: Carl Anderson


     Mike O’Connor’s donation of the 5-1gram vials, in Memory of Gary and Deanna Shipper


    1. Jamie Linn
    2. Hunter Ridgeway
    3. James Sinnett
    4. Kinsey Hooper
    5. Kaylee Hooper

    Panning contest:


    1. Johnnie Linn
    2. James Sinnett


    1.  Arron Raymond
    2. Jim Brines
    3. Arron Raymond

    Metal Detecting:


    1. Kaylee Hooper
    2. Kinsey Hooper

    Jordan Ridgeway

    Hunter Ridgeway

    1. Deanna Maddock



    1.Jim Brines

    2. Shawn Raymond also found the special yellow button

    3. Kim Raymond/Keith Blair


    Elizabeth Ridgeway found the Knife and Belt Buckle


    Thank you everyone who came and participated in our events and helped with set-up and tear down.

    Good Gold was found by many.

    A big thank you to Carl Anderson for the final clean up

    Check out Atlantic City website for their annual meeting which will be held in August.